Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Chocolate Peanut Butter Quandary

I came across something today that I needed to share.  I will say right off the bat that I am having mixed emotions about this.  A part of me wants to dive in and try, and a part of me feels that something I dearly love has been violated.

Go check out this recipe:

Reese's Peanut Butter Egg Cookies

It's just a cookie.  I shouldn't devote so many thoughts to it really.  But I have been evaluating it in my mind all day.  I saw this recipe this morning.  I then went to work.  And I thought about it all day.  I'm torn.  Torn, I tell you.  I love Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs.  I.  LOVE.  THEM.  So when I saw a cookie that featured them, I thought I had hit the cookie jackpot and the Reese's Peanut Butter Egg jackpot at the same time.  But then as the day went on, I realized that this cookie is taking a big risk.  Chopping up all those beautiful works of chocolate/peanut butter perfection is a risk.  What if the cookies disappoint?  Then you've wasted perfection.  And why mess with perfection??  But what if they just take perfection to a new level?  What if they are something that has been missing from my life and I don't even know it?

I just don't know.  I do know that a girl can only contemplate such a weighted issue for so long before taking action.  If I can go down a wild water slide at practically break-neck speed, then certainly I can take a risk on a cookie.  But on the other hand, I watched "the angry lady" while I was on the treadmill earlier this week, and she talked about never making a major decision when you are feeling emotional, either really high or really low.  And thinking about the Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs is all it takes to make my emotions go really high.  And thinking of chopping them up and possibly ruining them makes my emotions go really low.  What a quandary.

Anyone out there want to take one for the team and give them a try for me?  And by "the team" I do mean me.  In the meantime, I'm going to hop on my treadmill and run out my vacillating emotions.  Maybe in about 45 minutes I'll have my answer.


  1. my opinion, too risky....there is nothing that can beat those dark chocolate reese's peanut butter cups. I mean it, NOTHING! And that 'angry lady' advice I'll guarantee that if you were to mention this particular subject she would agree there is no taking the emotion out when dealing with chocolate/peanut butter issue, there is just NO taking the two apart. Excuse me while I go get a tissue!

  2. That would have to be one special cookie dough to get me to try it. The Reeses Eggs have a perfect ratio of PB to chocolate it is just a beautiful thing - I think it might be too risky.

    I will go on record.....I will not take one for the team (I mean you).

  3. why don't you use regular peanut butter cups? Go ahead and get some of the reese's eggs to nibble on while you make the cookies with the cups. the best of both that way, and you could cut the recipe in half! I would love to take one for the team but then I'd have to eat them, and i can't eat just one.....

  4. Leanne, you made my day! I think life always involves risk, and so you should go for it, and bring the results, good or bad, over to my house right away.