Thursday, April 21, 2011

There Truly Is Something For Everyone

Oh, this precious girl of mine.  I love her dearly.  I really do.  She has this zest for life and this insatiable curiosity that leads her to be intrigued with most everything.  From babyhood, her curiosity has been bountiful.  From todddlerhood, she would spot the tiniest of little buggy things and find a way to catch and hold it.  Before the age of two, she could catch a fly with her fingers.  Kind of like the Karate Kid with chop sticks, but her fingers were her chopsticks.  And she'd hold that fly so close that her eyes would start to cross, trying to study each tiny detail.

So, you can probably imagine her absolute delight at the anticipation of her project at school today.  Today was the day to dissect owl pellets.  Translation:  dig through dried owl poop to pick out the bones of whatever the owl had eaten.

Ew.  It physically makes me get that shudder and shiver just to type all that.  But Beth?  Delighted.  De.  Light. Ed.

She found two skulls.  One with a tooth attached.  And ribs.  And pretty much a complete skeleton.  And she was thrilled.

These things don't interest me in the least.  I know that owls eat mice and stuff.  I know that mice and stuff have bones.  I have no desire to see them.  I get absolutely zero thrill of discovery at that.  But Beth?  Ooooh.  She carefully wrapped them up in a paper towel and brought them home so we could all enjoy it.

How wonderful.

So if I have to get to enjoy these, then I thought it would be good to share them.  And, in all truth, things that thrill my kids have a way of making me happy.  Well, happy that they are happy.  Not happy to look at skulls.  Especially skulls that have been picked out of owl poop.  Or "dissected from an owl pellet", I should say.

And one final note on this baby girl.  When I picked her up today, she said that for some reason her eyes were all red and puffy and itchy.  I think that some reason has something to do with the rain finally taking a break.  And now we have that beautiful sunshine.  Hello, allergies.  Welcome back.


  1. ok, I am cracking up!!!!I guess some things never change. CRACKS ME UP!!!

  2. poop its puke lol