Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In Case You Need A Happy Little Tune Stuck In Your Head

I just watched this over on Boo Mama's blog, and it was so much fun.  I now have it running through my head and will probably be humming it the rest of the day.  I'd whistle it, but I cannot whistle.  So just in case someone else out there would enjoy this happy little three minutes, here you go:

And I just previewed it and have no idea why it's voraciously taking over my blog sidebar.  You must really be meant to watch it...


  1. this is an old Beatles tune! always liked it. these guys changed the words just a tad and I think they had way more fun with it than the beatles did! darrlyn

  2. Hey Leanne, these are some of the guys Chase and the Kingdom Band opened they had fun putting this together while they were on their something like 28 day tour! Mercy Me in the front along with Bill Maher and I think I saw several other familiar faces like Lacrae! Too fun. I think I will post this on my facebook!