Sunday, April 17, 2011

So Many Discoveries In A Very Short Weekend

This weekend is ending way too soon.  That's the biggest bummer about weekends that require Brad to work.  They just go by and I realize we are starting a new week and it doesn't feel like there has been a weekend.  Twice this month.  Boo to that.

But despite how short the weekend was, it has been ripe with opportunities to make some very memorable discoveries.  Hopefully memorable for those needing to remember.

So I give you, in no particular order, our discoveries:

1.  If you paint your fingernails bright pink, and before they are dry you open the door of your daddy's white car, you just may leave behind pink smears all over the shiny white paint.

And if you manage to do that, you will also see the tremendous love of a daddy who, without a word, will get out his "stuff" and make all that pink disappear.

2.  If you try to make scrambled eggs in a non non-stick pan (is that called a stick pan?) without spraying non-stick spray, and then you set your burner on high, there will be a dark brown crust that sticks mightily to the bottom of the pan.

And if you manage to do that, you will also see the work that it takes to get a pan clean.

3.  If you have mascara on that is not waterproof, you will cry black tears.

4.  If you open your cabinet door and your very favorite Starbucks double-wall insulated iced beverage cup comes toppling out and lands on your tile counter top, you just may have the opportunity to see that the "double wall" is essentially a smaller cup inside a larger cup.  And you also may see that when the rim chips, the lid will no longer screw on properly.  And you then see what happens when a cup you love dearly and use nearly everyday is no longer available to you.  Sadness. 

5.  If you go to Skateland with a rink full of Girl Scouts, amidst the same hardwood that has been there forever, the same globe lights, the same carpet, the same skates! and some of the same music, you just may find yourself powerless to resist zooming around the rink while throwing your hands in the air as you sing "Y-M-C-A".  And the hokey-pokey???  Just as much fun as it's always been.

6.  If you run 11 miles, then eat, shower and then go roller skating for 2 hours, you just may be a bit loony.  And your knees just may get very, very angry with you and wake you up at 3:00 in the morning to let you know they are not happy.

7.  If you go into your Target store and it is in the midst of a major remodel, you just may get very disoriented and realize anew what an extreme creature of habit you are.  And you just may discover that having to go to the baby department to find the cleaning supplies can make you a bit cranky.

And now it is time to get prepping for tomorrow.  A new week is about to begin...

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  1. Ok, we just went skating too and I asked jim if anything has changed even one little bit in there from when he was litte..."nope"! So funny...the one thing I don't think I understand is running 11 miles and skating all in one day, what are you thinking my sister?