Thursday, April 28, 2011

An Early Mother's Day Gift

Yesterday brought a sweet moment from this sweet daughter.  A sweet moment I needed.  I love this girl so much, and am so thankful for the time I have with her.  And, yes, I realize she is pretty much as tall as me.  Please don't dwell on that.  My heart can hardly take it.

In one of her classes, she has been working on a Mother's Day poem.  Last night they invited the kids and their moms to a "Poetry Celebration".  Brenna read me her poem and we munched on a chocolate chip cookie.  Although I'm not sure what "unwinding love" means, I got all misty-eyed.  Here's why:


I see a beautiful woman
Dark brown hair
Green eyes
That sparkle like stars
A soft gentle smile that greets me every day
Your unwinding and passionate love for me
Mom, you're beautiful

I hear you, Mom,
The happy cheers
When the Seahawks or mariners score
The way you let me know,
"I love you"
Simple words, yet a strong meaning
I love you too Mom.

Your warm and gentle hug
Before school
The soft velvet of your pretty
Pink robe is gentle to my touch
This always starts me off in a good mood
Stressful days come and go
It is always nice to know
That someone loves and cares for me
Mom, you're amazing!

The sweet smell of chocolate chips,
And fresh clean laundry
The relaxing, lavender
Smell of your perfume
Like fresh pin roses
Wafting through the spring air
You're the best Mom anyone could ask for

Creations of tasty wonder
Mix perfectly with your touch
You cook as easily
as a bird launches into flight
The juicy tender chicken
And delicious, creamy pastas
That you have so
Graciously prepared for me

Your courage and persistence
Has led me through
All of my years
You are always there to wipe away my tears
Thanks for setting good examples
That has let me grow strong
I am and always will be
Your daughter
This is why I would like to say
No one else could ever deserve a better Mother's day


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  1. wow, frame it! Make that girl a cupcake or something special!