Monday, April 11, 2011

Multitudes on Monday ~ Just Doing It

I am going to stay brief today, this Monday that cracks the whip back into the routine of work and school. 

Here's what I'm finding myself saying a lot lately:  Just do it.  Kinda like a Nike ad.  I find myself saying that in one form or another to my three.  I try to make it sound a little more positive and motivational and encouraging, but the bottom line is the same.  Just do it.  I find myself saying that to myself a lot lately.  The whole idea that the first step is the hardest is sometimes true, but sometimes not.  Sometimes the 2nd, 3rd, 57th or 10,000th step is just as hard as the 1st.  I'm doing it anyway.  And sometimes I want to say it to people I can't say it to.  I won't, but I hope they just do it.

Don't feel like responding kindly?  Just do it anyway.
Don't feel like taking responsibility?  Just do it anyway.
Don't feel like getting started on something you need to do?  Just do it.
Don't feel like doing again what you just did yesterday?  Do it anyway.
Don't feel like doing (         )?  Just do it anyway.

And I really believe that this whole approach to counting the gifts of gratitude helps motivate to just doing it.  Thoughts are brighter, vision is clearer.  There is less room for "but....".

314.  A sunny day in tucked in the middle of sogginess.
315.  Ah!  This is the room number of my first dorm room.  I'm thankful for the time there so long ago.
316.  Clear sinuses.
317.  Cough-free nights.
318.  Applesauce.
319.  Runs that make me feel like I can do it.  Finally.
320.  Beautiful pictures of cookies.  Pictures that make you think you could lick the page and taste it.
321.  That never, ever will I be done learning and growing.
322.  Freshly-cut grass.
323.  The bright, bright green of the grass, thanks in part to all our rain.
324.  How weeds so eagerly pull from the dirt after days and days of natural watering.
325.  Listening to music rehearsals for Good Friday and getting goose bumps.
326.  Old hymns.
327.  Sitting still in absolute, total quiet.


  1. I like your "just do it" list. Quiet, is a new thing for me and I'm so thankful when I get it!

  2. Thanks for the reminder to "just do it." ~ Speaking of "just do it" I am back to walking daily again and loving it! My body is saying yes, yes! What has taken you so long to "just do it?" LOL!