Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Psalm 30:5, The Costco/Tasty Tuesday Version

I've been harboring some anger at Costco.  They caused me frustration and inconvenience.  Someone wearing a red vest and a Costco nametag was rude to me.  And I decided to stay a little irked.  It's the coupon issue.  It's the way the lady handled the coupon issue.

But I just am incapable of staying angry with them.  Incapable.  Because today I saw evidence of their value.  They showed me the love.

A day when things were back-to-back.  A day that gave me an hour and a half of a quiet house with a choice:  use the time to get everything in motion for this evening, or get my 5-mile run in.  (Did you know if you mistype the letters in "run" you can spell "urn"?  I think there is a message in that.)

So my choice was to run.  I ran and got cleaned up in time to get Beth to the pool.  Then came home with ten minutes to get some dinner on the table before Alex left for his lesson and then straight to a concert.  Dinner?  That's where my love of Costco was renewed.  I keep one of these in the freezer for these occasions:

Two hours in the oven and the house smells like dinner, food that everybody happily eats is ready, and I spend next to no time in the kitchen.  Perfect.

So there's my Tasty Tuesday suggestion for you.  Grab one of these sweet things and keep it in your freezer.  When you have a "what-am-I-going-to-feed-these-creatures-that-are-perpetually-hungry-when-I-can't-be-in-the-kitchen-today" moment, you've got yourself something to fall back on.
And with that, I give you Psalm 30:5, the Costco way:

"For my anger lasted only a few days, but this flavor lasts a lifetime; weeping over new coupon rules may remain for a night (or a few), but lasagna-rejoicing comes in the hurried evening."


And now off to another concert.

***I've got to add this:  When you publish a post, it shows you a Successfully Published! page, and on that page are some links to ads that they think you may be interested based on some key words in your post.  This post?  An ad for anger management popped up!  I think that's just hysterical.  I'll consider it.


  1. ANGER MANAGEMENT? That is wayyyy funny! You know that Costco lasagna is one of my favorites.

  2. That is SO funny about the anger management ad!! I LOVE Cosco's lasagna!

    I'm having a link up tomorrow night/Thursday for bloggers to share some of their favorite faith posts. Hope you'll join us at Connection Cafe! :)

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