Monday, March 28, 2011

Multitudes on Monday ~ So Thankful For Special Memories

My goodness, Mondays sure roll in quickly, don't they?  I love that I am starting a new week.  A normal schedule.  I think a less busy week, too.

Today most of my list is dedicated to my sweet grandma.  Today is her birthday, and I miss her.  I'm so thankful to have had a grandma that made me feel so special and so loved.  She never had to try hard to do that, she never had to try to make memories or try to teach.  She just let her living and her love make an impression.  And she let me be me.  I adored her when she was with us, and I still do.  I'm so very thankful for the way she loved, and for all the memories I can keep with me forever. 

276.  The sound of the rain on the car's sunroof.
277.  Texts from my hubby.
278.  Food magazines.
279.  New mercies in the morning.
280.  That long nights end.
281.  A new book.
282.  The anticipation of a vacation.
283.  Listening to my daughter making plans with friends.
284.  Memories of summer days on my grandparents farm.
285.  My grandma's homemade ice cream.
286.  The way my grandma drank her coffee out of a china cup, and the little "tink" sound that would wake us when she put her cup on the saucer after each sip.
287.  Hugs from my grandma....she was so soft.
288.  The huge amount of love grandma could express just by patting your cheek while she smiled.
289.  The way my grandma loved simple, pretty things.
290.  Being able to hear my grandma, in my mind, saying "Oh, horse feathers!"
291.  Picking strawberries with my grandma.
292.  Grandma's rose garden.
293.  The way grandma loved to read "Women's World" magazine.
294.  The way grandma loved her "Blue Hawaii" perfume on the heavy side.
295.  All the time spent gazing at, and rearranging, grandma's collection of tiny perfume sample bottles.
296.  The way grandma loved my babies.

297.  The way grandma loved my mom.
298.  The way my grandma loved me.


  1. teary, I know how it is to miss a grandma so much. THis was such a sweet post... I love the perfume issue, cracks me up.

    New book? Do share....

  2. I miss my grandmas too. I love this post, especially the Blue Hawaii comment! It's soooo "grandma"... the idea of heavy purfume!