Monday, March 14, 2011

Out of the Fullness of My Heart ~ Multitudes on Monday

Yesterday I wrote a long post all about how full my heart is.  Filled up.  Filled with compassion for all the tragedy that has happened, and all the suffering and uncertainty that continues.  Full of fresh wisdom.  Full of friendship love.  Full of awe at what the Lord is doing in people I love.  Full of so much, and every single thing fills me further with gratitude.  So thankful that I am submitted to a God that is full of compassion and love and mercy.

So very much to be thankful for, especially at a time like this.

251.  Police, firefighters, military personnel and volunteers...all the emergency responders who rush in during a tragedy.
252.  Survivors
253.  Technology that allows us to have knowledge, images that let us share the tiniest piece of grief.
254.  Images and technology that spur us to give, no matter how big or small, to help the hurting.
255.  My home, with in tact electricity, water, heat, safety.
256.  My pillow.
257.  Taking home a word.
258.  Old words made new again.
259.  Confirmation.
260.  The excitement of knowing that He is directing my thoughts and plans.
261.  A friend that has travelled the road with me a long time.  (That sounds better than "old friend", right?)

262.  A new friend.
263.  My children praying for each other.
264.  Hope renewed.
265.  Doing practical things is much more than just doing practical things.
266.  Significant moments are just as significant as significant events.
267.  Peace and power combined.  They go together beautifully.
268.  I can "Go in peace", regardless of my circumstances.
269.  "You sure have been cooking good food this week!"  A comment from a 10-year old that made me grin from the inside out.
270.  Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie.  Yum.  On Pie Day.  Well, Pi Day.  Happy 3-14...go bake a pie today!


  1. "I am submitted to a God that is full of compassion and love and mercy." - Me too! And because He is all that, the submission is worthwhile!

    "Doing practical things is much more than just doing practical things." & "You sure have been cooking good food this week!" - :)

    May your week be "hope renewed" - redoubled, and "peace and power combined" - inseparably.

  2. "Old words made new again!" That one really struck me! Sometimes it seems we have a familiarity with Scriptures and we skim over them with a "I know that!" type of attitude. But other times, those special times, the same words can just come alive with new meaning in a new situation, in a heart ready to receive it! Thank you for that! And thank you for being here today!

  3. what a fantastic challenged me!