Friday, March 18, 2011

A Conversation I Want To Remember

I'm waiting patiently to be taken out for dinner.  Pizza is in the oven for the kids, we are waiting to retrieve one more so we can go out alone.  While the pizza is baking, we started the back and forth conversation of where to go eat.  Food is secondary, I really just want time alone.  But as Brad threw out options, I told him where I most wanted to go, the simplest of simple places, almost always my pick.  He happily agreed to take me there.  I sat down to squeeze in a few minutes of reading my book to help the time pass. 

As he stood in the kitchen thinning out the receipts in his wallet, I threw out a simple question:

Me:  "Aren't you glad you married such a simple girl?" (Referring to my dining choice.)

Him, with a grin, "Mmm-hmmm."

Me: "But then I guess you wouldn't have fallen in love with me if I wasn't a simple girl."

Him:  "I would still have fall in love with you."

Me:  "I am a simple girl, aren't I??"

Him, with eyebrow raised, "Not necessarily."

There is a volume of information on marriage in that conversation.  Simple to one, oftentimes perplexing to the other.

Now off for an evening of hand-holding, uninterrupted conversation, eye contact, and simple food.  Perfect.