Friday, March 4, 2011

Consistently Giving Her Best Effort

I am going to happily shine the spotlight onto my littlest!  At the student recognition assembly earlier this week, Beth received her award for consistently giving her best effort.  Those are some sweet words to hear.  This year has not been a breeze in any way.  Being a fourth grader in a fourth/fifth split with a teacher that has very high expectations has brought its share of challenges.  I have seen this sweet one grow in so many ways.  And I love that, as hard as I've seen her work behind the scenes, she is being noticed by her teacher for that work as well.

This is a trip down memory lane for me:  Mrs. Currie was MY fifth grade teacher, and now my littlest is in her class!  And I swear on my beloved chocolate that this lady looks exactly like she did when she was my teacher!

These were the words written on the back of the certificate!  Lovely words to read about a truly lovely girl.


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