Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Stunning.  It is stunning to me that my baby boy is 15 years old today!  Technically, as I write this, I was just getting packed up for the hospital, so he's not quite fifteen...but he pretty much is, so I guess I need to resist denial and accept it all.  Fifteen?  Fifteen.

My favorite quote regarding motherhood:

"The days can last a lifetime, but the years go by in the blink of an eye."

How very true this is.

So, here's to you, Alex:

You came into my life at a time that I really needed some celebration.  You were the beginning of a new life for me, one I am still so thankful to be a part of.

I can't believe that little baby is now...you!  Taller than me, even when I wear heels.  You've grown so much this last year especially, and not just in height.  You are growing into yourself quite nicely, and I'm so proud of who you are.

There have been a lot of accomplishments this year, and you know I am proud of those.  But I am more proud of just who you are.  You have such a great world opening up in front of you, and I can't wait to watch you run into it.

Thank you for being such a great son.  Thank you for being such a great brother.  And thank you for following after the Lord with all of your heart.  I pray that you will always listen for His voice, that you will always trust His direction and trust His wisdom above your own.  Go read Proverbs 3.  That is what I pray for you in this new year.

I love you, Alex.  Happy 15th, baby boy...


  1. Happy Birthday Alex! I echo your mom's words in the excitement I feel for your future. You are a joy to watch grow and we love you!

  2. awwwww, just the next day even though we didn't know one another I was doing the same thing you were on this day. I am so grateful we found each other to share our babies together....the whole meeting you at Sears on how many occasions when picking up pictures of their next milestone, or working in the nursery together and then a date and from there....here we are. Happy Birthday Alex, you are such an amazing man, really SO PROUD of you!

  3. Celebrating those 15 years with you! not only wsa it the beginning of ALex's life, but teh beginning of your journey into a superstar MOM!!