Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mother & Daughter Meet Mrs. Wilson & Seraphina

What a weekend!!  I had the pleasure of accompanying Beth on a weekend trip to a horse and pony farm with her Girl Scout troop.

I had to choose to put my big girl pants on and go have a fun time, because camping is not typically something I'm really eager to do.  But it was important to have this special time with Beth, and it ended up being everything I knew it would be, in terms of no sleep and gross germy-creeping-me-out things.  Like no running water.  And port-a-potties as the sorry excuse for a toilet.  Shudder.  But it exceeded what I thought it would be in terms of great memories with Beth. 

Here is a glimpse of the memories made:

this is the "covered wagon" ~ our accommodations for the night

inside the covered wagon.  the sleeper in the blue sleeping bag snored loudly enough to keep any threats far away from our wagon.  little to no sleeping went on in here for me.

how many Girl Scouts does it take to get Maddy on the rock??

ah...finally ready to pose!

of course, there was  food to eat...

...and crafts to make...

...and s'mores to make...

...and s'mores to eat

(have you tried a s'more with a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup in place of the Hershey Bar??  it's my specialty.  it will rock your world)

There were classes to take...

...snuggles to sneak...

and then:

finally, the horses to ride!!

Here is Beth on her horse, Mrs. Wilson.

Beth said, "I love that horse.  We really connected."

She is a very sweet girl.  Mr. Wilson must treat her well.

And here I am aboard Seraphina.

Seraphina was insisting on a little snack before we hit the trail and protesting my effort to tell her no.  I was wondering what I'd gotten myself into.  She was actually a very good girl to me.  She knew what to do even when I didn't.  I sang to her during the entire lesson in the arena.  "Seraphina, Seraphina, loves to ride in the arena.  Seraphina, Seraphina, you're a good girl, Seraphina!"

Come to think of it, maybe this brief revolt was her expression of, "PLEASE LET IT STOP!"

Then, we hit the trail for a beautiful, long ride through the woods.  I loved every part of it.  There was one part of me that didn't love it, but I'm sure that part will be as good as new in a few days.  Owie, Owie, Seraphina!

Our sweet girls got us back safely.  It was sad to say goodbye. 


But it was sure nice to meet these sweet girls, and to spend the weekend with my sweet girl!


  1. Leanne, I left this weekend without giving your stuff to you. I have it sitting her in the boys room. I hope that you didn't miss a little more sleep because of my negligence. It looks like you survived it and had a good time as well. You look like a natural on that horsey :)

  2. Warning to not read Leanne's blog while having coffee in my mouth.....I nearly spit it out on my Mac, and if it wasn't my precious Mac I would have spit it clear out all over the keyboard. Your picture with the horse eating from the tree was priceless.

  3. Love these photos! A weekend that will always be etched in Beth's mind...and yours too I am sure!