Thursday, June 17, 2010

Things I Meant To Blog About in June

This will, once again, be a post filled with randomness.  Lots of fun things or funny things have happened so far in June, and each I could make its own post.  But life has been getting in the way of that, so I'm condensing it into this.

Brenna and Julia's science experiment presentation:

Simply a lovely picture of Beth and a very happy Edgar:

Alex had some friends over to celebrate his birthday, and I didn't have any candles for the cake.  I thought it wasn't a big deal, not thinking he would care if he blew out candles.  Plus, have you ever thought about how gross it is that people blow all over food you are about to eat?  What other food would you ever let someone do that to and still enjoy it?  And of all things, why would we defile cake in that way??!!  No thank you for the invisible particles of spittle and who knows what germs all over the cake I am about to eat.  Anyway, the boys insisted Alex had to have a candle.  So I improvised and lit the propane lighter thingy that we use to start the barbecue:

And this is what Alex requested for his birthday dinner: clam chowder in a bread bowl.  I do think it was the best clam chowder I have ever made.  And I also think it's reflective of our "Spring" weather, that hot soup and bread sounded so good!

And this was a great moment, too:  Beth said something to Alex and I noticed that she raised her left eyebrow when she said it.  (The same one I am so skilled at raising!)  I said, "Beth!  I had no idea you could raise your eyebrow!"  And she said, "Well, Mommy, I would never do it to you!!"  This, I'm sure, comes from the fact that she only sees that look when she's crossed the line and I'm giving her the "You have crossed the line and you better not make one more move in that direction, missy!".  So apparently, this is a look that you just don't give your mother:

And then she got pretty tickled with herself when she realized how funny she was:


And, back to Alex's birthday, this was the dessert we had:


This, my friends, is the S'More Brownie.  My, oh, my.  Scrumptious!  You must try it:  just mix up your favorite brownie mix for an 8x8 pan.  Spread half the batter in the pan.  Top with whole graham crackers, however many it takes to cover.  Then top the graham crackers with whole Hershey bars (I think I used three or four).  Then top the Hershey bars with 16 large marshmallows, turned on their sides.  Now pour the remaining brownie batter over the marshmallows and bake.  The marshmallows get all toasted like you've roasted them over a fire.  They are powerfully rich and powerfully good!  And Alex was quite impressed.

And just look at how big these three are growing!  This is what the end of 9th, 6th, and 3rd grade looks like in our house.  Yes, there are three years between those two girls.  Yes, Beth is tall for her age.  Yes, she knows that.  She hears it a lot.  She told someone recently that she was kinda tired of hearing people say that.  Can't blame her one bit.  See the picture on the wall just over Brenna's head?  I swear that seems like last year to me.

And here are two of Beth's close friends, Maddy and Grace, at their final choir concert early this month.  Terrible picture, terrible lighting, but sweetest girls and great friends.  Third grade has been so great.

And finally there was Brenna's final band concert of the year!  This concert represented the last music event of this school year, in a year that was loaded with music events for our family.  Their music is a delight to us, and we are so proud to be an audience for our kids!

And now we are down to having only 1.5 days left in the school year!  I turned in all the Passport certificates today, turned in all my reimbursement receipts, and feel like a big boulder has been lifted off of me!  Love the feeling of wrapping up big projects and checking them off the list.

Brenna was so tired yesterday...she was actually moved to tears.  "I'm just overwhelmed and I just want to be done with the year and let my brain relax!"  She's that way.  She puts in so much of herself and works so hard in school.  She's just done.  Yeah, I get that.  We are all ready for our brains to relax, huh?!

I finally finished "The Help" and I cannot recommend it enough!  It is so good.  It is so going to be a movie one day.  You must read it.  A great book for summer...and summer's coming!

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