Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Today is the first day of summer break for us.  Already, this time is brimming with opportunities. 

A huge opportunity was dropped in Alex's lap.  With Debbie off to D.C. last week, she needed a willing father to drive her car out for her.  She is a blessed girl to have a father who is always very willing to do what he can to help his family.  So he left early this morning for a drive across the country to deliver the car.  And guess who's sitting in the passenger seat?  Yep, Alex.  On less than a day's notice, he happily climbed into that little Accord to drive many, many miles with his grandpa.  What a fabulous time for them to take a road trip!  I'm sure there are some great conversations going on, and lots of life lessons will be gently gained by this trip.  One great thing about Alex and his grandpa...this man knows how to have a genuine relationship.  He likes Alex.  He's interested in what Alex has to say.  He knows he has a lot to offer, but he also knows that Alex has a lot to offer.  He lets things be gained by relationship, not by telling.  We are thankful for this time they have together.  They plan to arrive in D.C. on Saturday, and Alex will fly home Tuesday, just in time to leave again on Wednesday.  Busy boy, but can you imagine a better way to be busy?  I can't wait to hear all his stories!

My girls are both taking the opportunity to clean out their closets and drawers.  Oh, my.  The volume of "stuff" that is coming out is incredible.  They have both grown so much this year.  And you'd think, having girls that are three years apart, that we'd be able to pass a lot of Brenna's things to Beth.  Nope.  Not working out that way.  They are too close in size.  They are too different in taste.  Shopping with them today was an exercise in patience and endurance.

After we took care of them, it was my opportunity to try to find a new swimsuit.  Ugh.  Ugh.  Ugh.  I just cannot say that enough.  I found one that I am satisfied with how it fits, but it sure is ugly.  I found more than one that was very cute, but when I put it on: ugh.  So I don't know which way to go.  Ugly or Ugh.  Maybe I'm delusional and they both are Ugh.  In which case I can dump the ugly and just have the ugh.  I don't know.  I brought home ugly to have Brad give me his opinion.  

And then, driving home, I had the opportunity for some much-needed humor when the topic of my kids future came up.  I was telling the girls that I couldn't believe they were now 7th and 4th graders.  One thing led to another and I was telling them how exciting it will be to watch what they pursue in their life, and how excited I am for their future.  ((Long ago, Brenna had told me that the things she will look for in her future husband is that he loves Jesus and is a good driver, because the whole idea of driving seems a bit intimidating to her, so she's not sure she wants to ever drive.  So her husband is going to have to drive her everywhere.  That was probably when she was 10.))  Today,  she was describing how she saw her future, her children, her job as a nurse, etc.  I said, "Well, I sure hope there is a husband in that picture."  "Oh, yes, he'll be the one driving me around!"  Call her Miss Daisy, but that girl is sticking with her plan!

I laughed, but then quickly gained control and sucked my tummy back in when the picture of me in the 3-way dressing room mirror flashed through my mind.

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  1. what a great thing for Alex, and pick what looks good on your cute bod, so I go for the ugly as long as it fits good. And Brenna, I know without a shadow of a doubt....Brayden is a great driver, in fact he already is at the wheel often!;)