Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Very Special Happy Birthday

Today is the special birthday of one of our kids.  Even though she is 9 years old today, this is the first birthday we've helped her celebrate.  Even though she's been ours for almost a year, we've never met her in person.  I consider her my daughter in my heart and in my prayers, but I've never had the privilege to hug her.  Even though I buy her little gifts when I see something that she might like, I've never been able to see her face as she receives them.

isn't she pretty?  she reminds me of someone I know well...

I get to read her sweet little letters, written through a translator.  And she sends pictures that she draws...she loves art.  And she loves dolls.  She goes to school, and to church activities and programs like our VBS, provided through Compassion.  In every letter she writes, she tells us that she's praying for us!  Sweetness.

I think about her so much, but on this day she will be on my mind continually.  I expect, in my home, that birthdays are days when you just feel the love.  At the end of the day, when you lay your head on your pillow, you know without a doubt that you are loved in this house.  And on this day, in India, I hope this sweet girl lays her head down knowing she is loved.  And I hope she knows that her life has promise and potential.  She has a "real" mom and dad in India.  And I'm praying for them today, too. 

So even though she will never read this, I still wanted to send out a very special Happy Birthday to the very special Niveditha!!!

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  1. happy birthday....I love this....and yes, she is so pretty and looks like someone we love so dearly. I love that she is in your little world. SHe is blessed and it looks like you are too.