Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A New Little Buck-A-Roo!!

Happy Birthday, Kaden James!

grainy cell phone picture, but you get the idea:  he's gorgeous!
I think he looks like he's saying, "What the heck just happened??"

This little man's arrival last night was like a warm, fuzzy hug to my heart.  I needed that hug.

I spent the afternoon watching a family say a gut-wrenching goodbye that came way too soon in a young man's life.  The pain on a wife's and little girl's face is burned into my heart.  It was a tough afternoon.  So to end my day with this picture of pure, complete sweetness just blessed my heart. 

A lot of people have been impatiently tapping their foot waiting on this baby's arrival!  So thanks for showing up, Kade!  And thank you, Kourtney, for all your hard work bringing such joy to so many people.  Wish I was there to kiss those sweet cheeks!

You are a beautiful lady, Kourt...inside and out.  Kade is one blessed little boy to have you in his life! 

1 comment:

  1. When Hunter saw this picture he said, "OH KAYLEE!"
    Either he thinks that Kade looks like Kaylee or he thinks you call all babies Kaylee's.
    Kade is stinkin' cute!