Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Recap and An Altered Monday Menu

I cannot get into all the Easter goodness without first saying:


Oh, I love this day.  Here is one thing that is a must:  on the regular season opening day, we always have hot dogs for dinner.  We just gotta have hot dogs to celebrate those guys being back on the field, Dave being back in the broadcast booth, that beautiful intro music that I so miss in the off's a good day!  And, they finally have a season opener in the many times it's an afternoon game, and I'm without my fellow groupies when the game begins.  Not tonight.  We'll be chompin' on hot dogs and cheering on the M's together.  All is right in the world tonight!

So there is my altered Monday Menu:  eat a hotdog tonight.  Solidarity.

And the Easter weekend was a great time.  (I have not eaten one complete Reese's Egg.  Just a couple bites while I was making those pathetic cookies.)

Saturday night we had a blast at a 70's Skate Party with Brad's office.  They used it as a fundraiser for the upcoming Relay for Life cancer walk.  So we had the rink all to ourselves, filled with the beat of 70's music.  Unfortunately, I did not bring my camera, so I missed getting shots of Brad in his tie-dyed shirt and sunglasses, doing the Hokey-Pokey.  Alex was hysterical on skates.  He kept shooting his arms out in what became known as a "personal space alert" every time he came around a corner...a picture I so wish I had captured on my camera, but is forever burned into my mind. 

On Sunday, Alex played with the Grace worship band, so we had the treat of being able to see our kid do his thing in a way he craves to do it.  It did make for a longer day for him, but he loved it.  We then had the pleasure of sharing a big 'ole Easter lunch with the dear Shipleys.  It was so nice, as always, to be with them.

The weekend was full of all the traditional fun:  coloring eggs, hunting eggs, eating candy, beautiful church service, and thankful, humble hearts...  


note that the girls are still opening while the boy gets straight to the eating!

I have nothing to say about this...

This was my Easter treat!


  1. Yes, I am so exctited to go to the Mariners Opening game... Maybe you will see us on the TV> And we all missed dying eggs with you guys this year. Happy Late Easter