Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lucky Ducky & A Good Life

Yesterday brought a few moments of totally unexpected, simple, ordinary joy that I really needed.  I went through much of the day with a heavy heart.  And then in walked my Joy.  As in Elizabeth Joy.  As in Beth.  She came bursting into the house (really, the only way she ever enters the house), saying, "Mommy!!!  Come here quick!  You've got to see this!!!"  Her backpack thudded to the ground and she was right back out the door.  I followed her outside, to find this:

These 2 little ducks, waddling around in our grass!  How cute are they?!  She said that when she was walking in from the bus, there were "two boys fighting over this one girl...see the feathers here?  That's where they were fighting.  This one that's left is the one that won."

So I went in and grabbed the camera, and she went in and grabbed a piece of bread.  They had no idea what she was doing flinging little white things at them.  Maybe they prefer whole grain.  Or maybe these are just true country ducks and have never had the joy of an easy meal.  Once they figured out what it was, the "boy duck" started gobbling it down.   He had just won a battle in the name of love, after all, and needed to refuel.

Just when he had the whole free meal thing figured out, along came this:

And frightened those duckies away.  They flew off with a loud honk, leaving Edgar to slink about, sniffing in vain.

Then, later in the evening, while Brad and the girls were playing some baseball, they found a little bird's nest.  It was built into a branch laying on the ground, with two little perfect eggs in it.  I need to add a picture of that later. 

Love the signs of LIFE all around me.  Life is good.  Even when circumstances are hard, life is still good.  God is still good.  Life is truly a gift...and it was a gift today to see the life in these little creatures and the joy it brought my little girl.  That is a good life.


  1. Love the nature story. Right now I have robins building a nest right next to my kitchen window. They have done it before and it is so fun to watch babies while I do dishes. And I even got to cheer for them as they learned to fly.

  2. Love the priceless moments the Lord allows his kids to have!