Monday, April 19, 2010

Stubborn Roots

Today was the day to put an end to a couple stubborn roots for Brenna!  Tooth roots, that is.  These poor molars were just not gonna budge on their own.  One root: completely gone.  The other root: as firmly "rooted" as it could be.  Same thing, both sides.  So today she had her very first experience with nitrous oxide and shots in her mouth!  She wanted me to come back with her, which I happily did, but she did great.  Once they started the strawberry-scented "happy air", she just laid there with a silly grin on her face.  They finished the shot on one side, telling her just one more, to which she replied, "It's out already??"  No, honey.  Just getting started.

First tooth was very cooperative.  Second tooth, not so much.  That stubborn root remained stubborn and broke off, which made for a bit more "rooting" around.  She was a trooper, though.  Handled it like the tender/tough girl she is.

She had intended to go back to school, but with some extra bleeding going on and a bit of an upset tummy, she decided to just come home for the day.

such puffy, numbed-up sweet cheeks!

It was a peaceful afternoon to hang out with just my Brenna.  I don't get that nearly enough.  And what makes things just so much better??

A frosty, of course!

a couple hours later, beginning to feel so much better. notice the chocolate dribbles down her shirt.  a hazard of numbness!

the objects which enabled her to have a frosty on a Monday afternoon!

So, I guess that makes up my Monday Menu for today:  go enjoy a frosty on this beautiful day!


  1. I almost died, that first picture without reading first, I thought you had colored her hair and it didn't turn out the way you wanted it to. Then the next picture the sun was hitting it different or something and it looked like Brenna's hair again. I calmed down....don't scare me like that again. I am glad it was a tooth! ha!

  2. That's really awesome you got to keep the teeth! I was trying to keep my molar, but they said it was a "Biohazard" and i couldn't =(

    Glad she got through that with no major problem! =)

  3. Ouch. This hurts my mouth, just reading it! I'm with Marlece; I thought you colored your hair!

  4. Brenna you brave girl. That is one heck of a root on that tooth. Great idea to have a frosty, Mom. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Mrs. Joss