Sunday, April 18, 2010

He Tri'd It!

My man tri'd it in his first sprint triathlon!  I am so proud of him ~ he worked so hard to get ready for this.

He had no qualms about the swim portion.  It was just a short 1/4 mile swim for this, but in a very cold lake.  He started towards the front and was shocked at the cut-throat approach some of these dudes had.  Someone actually grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back at the start.  So he just did what he does and plowed his way through, 4th man coming out of the water!

hard to see him, but he's in the bright blue cap, bare shoulders

The bike leg was tough ~ 13 miles on a bike that's meant for more leisurely strolls.  He lost quite a bit of time on that, was passed by lots of tough bike jocks, taking 43 minutes for that leg.

leaving on the bike leg

meanwhile, the girls and I soaked up the sun, had lunch and read!

and Brenna made a sign to cheer on her daddy

coming back on the bike.  okay, truth be told, I took pictures of the wrong man.  he was dressed just like Brad, so we cheered for him and I took a bunch of pictures, and when he passed by us, we realized it wasn't Brad.  then the real Brad zoomed by us before I could get my camera on, so this will have to do.

The run he was so curious about, not knowing what his legs would feel like getting off a bike.  But he ran the 3 miles in a very respectable 27 minutes!  I had to flag him down and grab his bike helmet from him that he forgot to take off, so I was a tri-supporter:  cheering, photographing, and wardrobe consulting.

leaving on the run!

on the way back in!

final stretch!  and I missed him coming across the finish line.  good thing he can't fire me as his photographer!

home and relaxing...I love his race number!

He's thinking of tri-ing a few more times, and even considering a more suitable bike.  I will happily cheer him on as many times as he does this, hoping that the weather is a glorious as it was today so I can sit in the grass and read my book between photographing this man I love so much.

Great job, Brad!!


  1. Oh, this is just GREAT Brad! Woo-hoooo! The Arends are super proud of you!

  2. way to go Brad, YOU ARE A MAN!!!! How impressed I am, way to go..........

  3. Congratulations Brad! Now you know what to expect for the next ones. Not sure what kind of bike you have but it can make a big difference. Enjoy your accomplishment. Well done. Of course you couldn't have done nearly as well without your cheering section!

    Ellen Joss

  4. Congrats Brad! That's a great accomplishment. :)