Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Flashback ~ Bubbles for Brenna

Here we go, back to June 1998. Alex was 3, and Brenna was 6 months. Before there were 3, there were these 2 sweet siblings. We did not know if Brenna was a girl or boy until she was born, but Alex was convinced she was a girl the entire time I was pregnant. He would touch my belly and say, "That's baby Brenna!". He loved her before she was born, and was a protective and loving big brother from the 1st day. It was simply instinctual for him to protect her...

So, Alex, the rest of this post is for you. There are some good messages in these pictures. We've talked a lot about the fact that you have just 4 years left sharing a home with your sisters. It's gonna fly by, and these next 4 years are going to be what leaves the biggest imprint on your sisters.

You always have entertained her. I love how you took time out of being a boy, still in your helmet, to have a little fun with Brenna. She's always eager to capture whatever you send her way.

She's watching you, Alex. Her eyes are locked on you.

And then, all sweaty-headed, you eagerly asked if you could feed her when she was hungry. So when she's hungry now for your time, your advice, your words, your affirmation, what are you going to feed her? She's drinking it all in. Make sure it's good stuff.

You have a knack for giving sweet gifts. Keep giving her flowers...

And keep your words kind and sweet. What are you writing on her heart? She's listening.

Don't take this time for granted, Alex. Again, this time will go so fast. So think about the bubbles for Brenna. She's watching, she's drinking it in, she's taking your gifts, and she's listening. Finish strong and love her well...

I love you,



  1. Mrs. Carlson, this is the sweetest blog post i have ever read! It is good for me to know also. Thank you for the sweet message, it made my day!

  2. I love this blog too! Our time with our kids is going way fast...I love the pictures you captured of Alex and Brenna!