Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Animal Rescue

Just a few minutes before we had to bolt out the door this evening, Beth came rushing into the house to announce that Edgar had caught a hummingbird, and they chased Edgar away "just in time" as it was still alive. Just what I love to hear as I'm trying to throw together dinner in time to leave. Why do these things always happen during that time? And when Brad, who is so much better suited to deal with these things, is not home? So I did what any caring parent would do: I grabbed my camera and followed her out to the scene of the attack. Edgar was quite irritated to have his catch taken away, and he hovered close by hoping to get back at it. The girls used an old dustpan to scoop the bird up out of harm's way, then started plucking off fuchsia flowers to let the bird have something to eat. And, surprisingly, that bird slurped away! I could tell it was barely alive, but the girls were convinced it was just stunned, and with a little more nectar would be back to the world of flying. With just minutes available in our crazy evening, they threw together a little home for the bird in their butterfly habitat. Beth, who wants to be a vet, and Brenna, who wants to be a nurse, were in all their glory applying their combined knowledge to save this bird.

We then left for cheer practice, and as soon as the van pulled into the garage they ran out back to check on their patient. Sadly, the bird had succumbed to its injuries. Beth said, "Oh, the poor bird died of hunger! I can tell because it died with its tongue hanging out!!"

By this time, the parent with the sensitivity to not first grab the camera was home and conducted the burial. I'm so thankful that I didn't have to do that part. I'm much better at the picture taking part. We are a great team.

Edgar trying to get back at it.

Assessing the situation.

Applying oxygen...I mean nectar.

Well, you can't save them all. Better luck next time...

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  1. I can so relate to the girls. I was fine til I saw the pics of the little guy. It made me sad. I can't tell you how many little birds I have nursed back and the ones that die always get a burial.