Thursday, August 6, 2009

Costco...How Do I Love Thee??

Let me count the ways...

This raspberry chipotle sauce is oh-so-fabulous! You can pour some over a softened block of cream cheese and serve with crackers, you can pour it over some chicken or pork...I have a recipe to share soon with is sweet and spicy. Love it.

And this spinach/mozzarella ravioli is a yummy treat for when you don't want to really cook but want to put out a meal. It comes with this cheese packet that you toss in with some olive oil after it cooks. Add in some chopped tomatoes...mmm. We also had a spinach salad with this...we called it our Popeye meal.

And here is some kind of yummy salsa. I've heard mixed reviews on this from hard-core salsa eaters who are offended by the thought of adding fruit to a perfectly good salsa. But I love it. And this is my blog. And I'm counting the ways I love Costco. And I love Costco for introducing me to this yummy salsa.

And hello guacamole! I love that I can keep these little packets in the freezer and defrost some guacamole whenever I feel so moved. There's no weird stuff added to this, it's the real deal. And it's a good deal too...more affordable than buying the "15 avocados" that the package advertises is inside of this yumminess.

And am I the only one who did not know about these yummy pita chips?? They are so good with the above guacamole and salsa, or some hummus. I'm munching on some as I type this, in fact. They are even good just, well, simply naked.

And, of course, I save the best for last...

Hello, my love. I would keep up my Costco membership if only to keep up my supply of the 72 oz. bag of Nestle chocolate chips. I do love this bag of chips. I love the sound of the crinkling bag when I hold it. I love the smell of a newly opened bag. I love the smell of an empty bag. My kids will tell you that I take this seriously. When a bag is emptied, I make whoever is close by come smell the bag. And a little whiff won't do. You gotta really get your nose in there and take a big, deep inhale. "No, really smell it," is a phrase I use during the training period. But now they all know. They really know how to enjoy the aroma of 72 oz. of semi-sweet goodness. I like to think that is one area I have excelled as a parent.

Just a day I needed to think about some goodness, and not where my mind wants to go. So, how about you? What do you love at Costco??


  1. I love the Carter's Pajama sets they sell. A top, matching bottoms, and matching shorts...all for only $8! My kids have two pajama drawers, because I just can't quit buying them!

  2. I love the samples. The End.

  3. How funny, I saw your facebook post before this blog page. I also mentioned the Raspberry Sauce. I have been using it since I lived in Crowley Lake. Love it. I have also made the wraps with turkey and bacon and also with chicken and bacon. Family loves them! I use all of the other items listed too! Sisters at heart...I am convinced!

  4. i love the pita chips and mango salsa mmmmm mmmmm good