Friday, April 24, 2009

Flashback Friday

Whatcha got, Bethie?
Look, Brenna! A new bug!

Beth getting a closer look at her new friend...

This was looking back to April 2003. Really, though, it could have been yesterday, if you just imagine that little girl a bit bigger, hair a bit darker, and vocabulary a bit broader. But this girl still is fascinated by bugs. Any bug. She can spot a bug in the blink of an eye. She collects them, builds little habitats for them, and then lets them go at the end of the day to go back to "their family". (That line still works!) She loves frogs, lizards, snakes, worms, crawling bugs, flying bugs...anything. She never forgets a fact that she reads about them. Yes, she even reads about them. They have intrigued her since she could express what intrigued her. Her eyes are always scanning for some creature to pick up and study.

Do you all remember Marcia Brady's short-term boyfriend named Harvey? Perhaps Beth's ideal man. Time will tell.

Her plan is to be a veterinarian at a zoo, and though she has lots of time to firm up those plans, it wouldn't surprise me a bit if she sticks to that.

Her 2nd grade class is having a bug theme for their end-of-year program...and her big dilemma is which bug to dress as. "All I have to do is speak up and say what I want to be. I'm thinking of maybe a lady bug, but I just can't decide." Well, no! Who can blame her for being a bit indecisive when your head is swirling with possibilities?! After all, she's practically been preparing for this role her entire life!

I LOVE her curiosity. I LOVE her zest for life. I LOVE how she sees intrigue and beauty in all things. And I LOVE how she's taught me that there is cuteness in unexpected places. Sometimes you just have to look at it through the eyes of a curious cutie. Thanks for being a curious cutie, Beth!

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  1. Oh my cute! Yes, she has been looking forward to this moment her life! Keep me posted! Tell her I wish I could be there for the party.
    Too fun!