Friday, February 25, 2011

What A Snow Day Means

Awww...a snow day.  TWO snow days!  There is so much to love about snow days.  And here's what these snow days have meant to me:

*being wakened with a kiss on the cheek and a pat on the tush and these words spoken gently into my ear:  "School's closed.  I'm turning off your alarm."  Oh, I don't think I would ever tire of being wakened this way!

*sister time.

*stillness, quietness, calm.  I love how quiet everything gets outside.  The world is all insulated and still.  Peace.

*clothes, clothes everywhere.  gloves laid out to dry while other's are pulled out.  boots propped over air vents to dry.  socks....socks everywhere.

*extra kids popping in and out all day. everywhere.  (I feel a bit like Alice from the Brady Bunch today!  all those kids make messes faster than I can clean!)

*the building of snowmen.  well, in this case a "Snow ET".  a one-eyed Snow ET.

*extra time to do extra things.  organizing stacks of stuff that I've been putting off.  filing away recipes.  giving the dog a bath.  cleaning.

*stepping into puddles of water left on the floor where boots were pulled off.

*a break from crazy homework schedules.

*listening to giggling teen girls.  I still can't believe I have a teenaged girl.  sheesh.

*staying up late to read a great book, willing to hedge my bets that I would sleep in a bit in the morning.

*turning off all the lights in the house, opening the blinds and staring out at the beautiful evening snow.

*running on my treadmill, staring out the window at the snow, loving the view while staying in a climate-controlled room!

*the extra time to run a little longer, cool-down longer without rushing to get ready, taking a long shower that felt so good I then took a bubble bath. 

*playing Words With Friends with Alex over and over until I finally beat him.

*feeling myself becoming very cat-like:  well, not in terms of reflexes or the bland diet or having to lick myself clean, but in terms of wanting to lay down in a sunny spot and stare out the window at the beautiful snow, napping, and then waking up to stare out the window a little longer.  I haven't been able to actually do that yet, but the snow makes me want to.

The coziness of baking.  Baking always feels cozy to me, but especially so when we are all home together and the air has that cold bite.

So now I've decided to do some baking.  I'm going to make my mom's Caramel Pecan Rolls.  I think this evening I will find myself sitting down with something hot to drink, a hot caramel pecan roll, a blanket over my lap....I might even start to purr.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day! I will be a cat with you....purrrr....purrrrr....sun, snow, warmth....yum, yum!