Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Have So Little To Offer, But the Link At the End is Totally Worth It

Thursday night already??  I know, my keyboard is even in denial, as evidenced by the fact that it took me four tries to type that word correctly.  I'm sure it was the keyboard.

This has been a blurry-paced week, and yet I have so little to offer in trying to sum it up.  Let's see.  I have been a good girl with my running.  I'm not sure I'm getting anywhere, but I'm doing the work.  Last Saturday (have I said this here already??), Brad and I did a 6.5 mile run, and the end of the run was a crazy, mean-spirited, angry hill.  I slowed to a walk when the hill was in full view and told Brad I couldn't do it, there was no way, and I would have sat down and folded my arms across my chest and stuck my lip out, but we were on the side of a fairly busy road and that just wouldn't have been very dignified.  And this saying was never more true:

this is one of my t-shirts, and I literally say this to myself when I'm at least half-way done with a run.  "all I have to do is run home."

Later that day, when I drove a couple giggly teen girls to the mall, I took a detour just so I could drive up the hill and see it from the comfy seat of my van.  And to hear the van kick into a different gear as it labored up the hill??  I patted her dash and told her I knew exactly how she felt.  Here's a horrible picture taken through the window of the van.  Pretend it's impressive, won't you?  It does a big bloop up then a little section of flat, then another big bloop up.  Those bloops are big to me.

And let's see...this week I also had the pleasure of watching the oh-so-adorable first graders perform their Jammin' In the Jungle program.  There is not much cuter than a first grader.  Except maybe a first grader dressed as a monkey.  Especially when that monkey tries to scale the climbing wall (a horizontal climbing wall that he has needed help getting down from multiple times) and then grabs onto a brown construction paper tree vine, only to find that a quick way to "get down" from the climbing wall is to try to hang from a brown construction paper tree vine.  (No monkeys were injured in the production of the riveting Jammin' In the Jungle.)  It warmed my heart.

Hmmm...Oh!  One day this week was breakfast for lunch at school.  I'll be darned if those turkey sausage links didn't jump up and shout my name.  They looked so good to me.  And the way those kids were chowing down on them made me really think I needed one.  With the help of a friend, I was able to score one.  And it completely didn't live up to its look.  No.  Bad move.  And the spice?  Oh, the spice.  I still can't believe those little people enjoyed them.

And speaking of lunch:  on Monday, and exceptionally charming third grader called me over to his table to proudly show me his lunch:  it was all left-overs from his family's Super Bowl party!  He told me what each item was, and basically ranked their popularity among their guests.  I told him that I too had brought left-over Super Bowl food for my lunch.  He got a perplexed look on his face and asked, "They let you eat lunch here?  I thought they just made you walk around all day."  Perty sweet.

Now, as a reward for putting up with my nonsensical ramblings of utter nothingness, I leave you with this link to a dessert that is truly rising up and screaming my name.  And this time I believe, I BELIEVE, that I am not being misled.  I think I love it, and we haven't even officially met yet.

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