Saturday, February 19, 2011

An Opportunity To Help Make a Girl's Dream Come True

You are each cordially invited to participate in the unfolding of a dream.  You get to be on the front line.  You get to be a trend setter.  You get to bring delight to a delightful girl.  What could be better than that?

My girl has a dream.  She has been working on this for about a year now.  So far, it's not spreading like the wild fire she thought she would see.  And I must admit that her father and I have let her down. Apparently, although I don't remember agreeing to this, I was sent on a mission to spread her vision, and I have failed to do so.  Tonight she called us on it.  Tonight she challenged us.  And I accepted the challenge.

I told her I would even post on my blog about it, and that the 2 of you who read this would surely help make this dream a reality.  It's a grassroots effort if ever there was one.


It began with a checker game.  A checker game in which it was noticed that the felt padding had come off the bottom of one checker.  With the felt padding gone, the checker made an icky scraping noise when sliding into its new position.

"Ugh," Brenna exclaimed, "that checker piece is all grally."

the inspiration for 'grally'. good one on the left, old, torn-up, and broken one on the right.

Grally.  Spoken with the emphasis on the gra, and the "a" sounding as in cat.  Grally.

That's where it began, and it spread quickly from there.  It has become a much-used adjective among three of the five Carlsons.  And from there, a dream was born.

Do you ever find yourself at a loss for the perfect adjective when you are trying to describe something that's old, torn-up, and broken?  Well, you need not be at a loss anymore.

Brenna has the answer for you.  Her dream is that this adjective would grab ahold of all people, and that grally would become a word added to the dictionary.  I guess Brad and I were to have been using this word abundantly at work.  I have not.  But when I go back to work on Tuesday, I will slip it into as many conversations as possible.  Brad has pledged to do the same.  Won't you please join us?  It can be used in a multitude of ways (as listed by Brenna):

"That chair is grally!"
"The bottom of the checker is piece is grally."
"The shed is looking grally."

And, as added by me:

"This road through the construction zone is so grally!!!"

Grally:  old, torn-up, and broken.

You heard it here first.  And my child would be delighted if you would help spread the word.  Literally.  Help spread the word.  Grally.

Grally.  Grally.  Grally. 

Kind of sticks, huh?!


  1. This 'grally' girl is going to go get her 'grally' man up out of bed so that we can go get those 'grally' shoes off of that 'grally' horse of ours and then I am going to go paint my 'grally' bathroom because it is way over do. And Miss Brenna, I think this word 'grally' will come in handy with all sorts of things. I know it is in my dictionary now. Way to be on the 'cutting edge' of something brand NEW!