Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Summer....

*WARNING!! This post contains too many pictures!! View at your own risk...*

It's finally starting to sink in that it is summer! Without further ado, I give you three looks of summer:

Today we abandoned all "to-do" lists and went to take advantage of some low tides. We packed up our lunch and headed out to Tolmie and had quite the fun time checking everything out. As per the usual, Beth immediately began collecting. Brenna began sorting. And Alex began experimenting. Beth's collection began as sand dollars and ended as crabs. Brenna stuck to sand dollars. And Alex experimented with sending his flip-flops down the stream to see which current carried it farthest. And how cheating by throwing one downstream would effect the outcome. And then he switched to testing the pinching of crabs. Always using his brain, that one.

This scene cracked me up. The way Brenna was dancing around on this squishy bed of seaweed reminded me so much of the scene from "I Love Lucy" where Lucy and Ethel are stomping the grapes.

Brenna called this her "bank". Get it??

We missed Brad being there so much today. He is so good at all this stuff. I'm a poor substitute, especially when the kids start wanting to know any details of what we are looking at, what mountain we see, if sand dollars can live upside down...oh, the details.

Another look of summer is brought to us by Archie. This dog loves to eat the apples that randomly fall off our apple tree. He will sit under it and stare and wait for one to fall, then pounce on it before someone beats him to it. If the kids climb up the tree, he rushes over to sit under it again, as he's learned that their climbing often produced falling apples. We joke that it's his "manna from heaven" falling from the sky.

And, yeah, we are pretty sure he'll eat those leaves, too. He's not picky.

And our final look of summer is brought to us by Beth and her frogs. We are back up to 3 frogs! What better thing to do on a lazy summer day but fill the tub and let the frogs go for a swim? This picture is a great illustration of how Beth just cracks us up...she used her giant rubber frog as an "island" for the frogs to float on in the tub.

Brenna came up with a very witty observation...she thought this looked like the yet unnamed frog was doing CPR on the rubber frog. It looks like the ducks could use a little, too.

So, summer continues to call...onto eating hot dogs and then heading to a soccer game!

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  1. Ummmm.... Mrs. Carlson.... dont you know that Lucy was the only one that was jumping on the grapes. Ethel was back at the hotel covering for Lucy when Ricky got home.

    Sorry, I could not let my " I Love Lucy" knowledge go to waste.