Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Recap

I'd rather write about Father's Day and our other weekend wackiness than post a recipe today, so instead of Monday Menu, we'll have a smorgasbord of events:

We had a very fun-filled, food-filled Father's Day, celebrating one of the greats. Brad makes it very easy to celebrate him, because he truly is such a great dad. Our kids are so blessed to have him. They love him endlessly now, and I think they will only appreciate him more and more the older they get. He loves well. Every child should have it so good.

So...after church, we stopped and got some coffee, then headed out to Lattin's Cider Mill for some apple fritters hot out of the fryer. These fritters are so good. They make grocery store fritters look like shoe leather. And Brad is a huge apple fritter fan, so he was a happy man.

After we stuffed ourselves with that, the girls and I made him his requested cake: peanut butter/chocolate. Oh, my. I do believe it turned out the best I've ever made it. I've gone back to scratch cakes, and I'm so sorry I ever relied on a box to save a couple minutes! This cake is divine. Dense. Moist. Mmm.

We spent the afternoon at the air show, watching planes spin down like they were going to crash and then soar back up. Spinning themselves. Tipping themselves. I won't even try to make this sound exciting and fun, because frankly I just don't get it. That is too close to how the show "Lost" all began, and I don't get that either. But Brad loved it, and that's all that counts on this day. The kids were pretty into it, also. So if 4 out of 5 is good enough reviews for toothpaste, I guess it's good enough for a Father's Day air show.

Then we came home to make Brad's requested dinner. He made it so easy on me, bless him. He wanted grilled hamburgers. I must admit, I make a great burger. And last night was no exception. They were yummy in every way. Loaded with grilled red onion, lettuce, tomatoes, avocados, cheddar jack cheese, bbq sauce...

Finally, after dinner and some Mexican Train, we dug into that cake. Ironically, a few posts ago I wrote about Alex reaching his satiation point at Disneyland. Well, it happened again last night! Now, in his defense, he is sick with a cold and felt really crummy yesterday. But here's what he left "for another time":

I know, even Alex couldn't believe himself. Oh, the shame. But, never to fear! About 20 minutes later he went into the kitchen and finished off his piece of cake. So, I guess when you are 14, "save it for later" really means just a pause.

When the youngest 2 were off to bed, the oldest 3 watched a bit more of "24". Gasp!! Tony needs his mama to have a good talk with him. I'm very disappointed with what is apparently happening, but then you never know with this show. We have several more hours of this day to watch.

The rest of the fun stuff really does deserve it's own space, so I'll quit this and come back another time. As it is, I have been writing this for 2 hours. I keep getting delightfully interrupted by the cutest little girls needing to try on cheerleading uniforms. What an adorable group of girls I am getting to work with this year! THAT'S for another time, too!

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