Friday, June 5, 2009

Flashback Friday ~ Brenna's Determination

Today we are going way back to June of 1998. Little Miss Brenna was 6 months old, and determined to get herself up and standing. All three of our kids have determination, each expressed in their own way. On the outside, Brenna is definitely our most gentle of the three. She has a beautiful blend of gentleness and strength. She's a bulldog in her determination and persistence, yet as gentle-spirited as they come. Such a sweet combination. We saw early evidence of this in her when she decided she wanted to learn how to stand up.

First, we crawl up to a "stable" surface, bounce a few times on our knees, then decide that, yes, today is a good day to stand up...

Next, flex those quads and hamstrings and muscle your way into a "stand". While you are at it, why not get a taste of that chair and leave behind your mark in the form on some wet, bubbly drool? But, be careful, because if you get distracted by that and stay on your tip-toes, you just might get off-balance and take a tumble...

When you realize you are back down in a "baby position", let out a big 'ole yowl and let everyone know how frustrated you are! And then get as mad as a hornet when your mother takes a picture before offering any comfort or help!

Now, use that frustration as fuel and just go for it again! Proof that you can be strong and shed some tears at the same time...

And suddenly...ta-da!! You are standing up, baby cakes! Now, look over at the family photographer and give a cheesy grin that says, "I told you I could do it!"

We have seen this same determined spirit in Brenna so many times over the last 11 years. She has the strongest work ethic. She never, ever complains that something is too hard. If something is hard, she just works harder. I admire that so much about her, and I am completely confident that Brenna will accomplish any goal in her life that she sets out to achieve. Even if it's hard. Even if she falls while she's trying. So don't let her gentleness fool you...she's a strong one, my Brenna.

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