Friday, June 19, 2009

Flashback Friday ~ Three Amigos

With school ending this week, I thought this was a wonderfully appropriate flashback, complete with a current update!

Look at these three kindergarten cuties! This is Samantha, Faith, and Brenna on their field trip to Northwest Trek, spring of their kindergarten year, 2004.

Brenna was 9 months old when Samantha was born, and they have been buddies since then. Somewhere I have some great pictures of them hanging out together as babies. Faith is just over a month younger than Brenna. Her mom and I met at church when we were both rocking our babies in the family room. We have slowly built a close friendship over these last 11 years, as have the girls. Good buddies, these three.

It's been fun to watch these girls go through elementary school together, and I look forward to more of the same as they tackle the big world of middle school.

Here's the current yesterday's 5th grade party. They are now officially Bulldogs!

I love these other two girls like daughters, and I pray that they are always in Brenna's life and my life. And I pray that as their world continues to get bigger, their friendship will continue to get stronger, that they will always find things to laugh together about, and that they will always have each other's back. Here's to lifelong friendships, you three amigos!

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