Friday, June 12, 2009

Flashback Friday ~ Satiation

I'm only flashing back to one year and eleven days ago, but it's something that truly deserves to be given it's own blog post. And since I wasn't a blogger then, this is my chance.

It was Alex's 13th birthday. We were celebrating it in Disneyland, on a long-awaited vacation. Such a great week. So many memories. One that stands out is the moment that we reached our children's satiation point.

You see, our children just do not satiate when it comes to their food. They can graze all day or eat regular, scheduled meals. Doesn't matter the schedule. They just love to eat. Very healthy eaters, and not picky. Just love food. Especially Alex. He has been a voracious eater from the moment he left my womb.

On his birthday, we went to eat at Goofy's Kitchen. Fun buffet where many of the characters roam around table to table and interact with the kids and take pictures. We did not find this a place to go for the food, but great fun to go for the entertainment. But the kids really get excited for a buffet. It's a paradise to them. So all three filled their plates and went crazy with all the amazing choices.

At the end of the meal, they brought out a beautiful, glossy, chocolate cupcake with a candle in it and sang Happy Birthday to Alex. Just before this happened, I had fixed myself a bowl of soft serve ice cream over a piece of apple crisp. As is typical with me, I really just wanted a bite or two. So, while Alex was checking out his cupcake, I asked Brenna if she wanted my ice cream. Oh, how I wish I could have captured her expression on film! She physically recoiled, got a pained expression on her face, and shook her head as if the mere thought of it was enough to cause her to lose her lunch. Then I looked at Beth, and she had pushed her plate away from the table and was looking like she was ready for a long nap. And that's when Alex said, "Mom, do you want my cupcake?"


And then he said the words that I never thought would leave his lips:

"I just can't eat another bite."

We pulled out the camera, of course, and took pictures and a video. It truly was a moment to remember.

And, just to show that everyone recovered quite nicely, here is a great shot of the family on California Screamin', which was by far Beth's favorite ride. I think she went on it 7 or 8 times while we were there, along with Brad and Alex. Brenna went once, and that was enough for her. I stayed solidly on the ground and tried not to hyperventilate as I watched my family be flung upside down in a loop.


  1. That truly is a rare moment! Iremember when Alex was one and you guys were at Wolfies. He LOVED the pancakes, and everyone kept teasing you about how you must never feed the poor kid. He was so cute!

  2. I remember you calling us when you were at Disneyland. My mom got off the phone and said that you went to Goofy's Kitchen and you video taped Alex, Brenna, and Beth saying they were full! Our jaws dropped!