Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Downton Love

It has taken me a couple days, but I simply must ramble on about Downton Abbey!  I love this show, it is so engaging and absorbing and delightful and intriguing and suspenseful and FUN!

I love watching these characters develop and evolve.  

My dear Mr. Bates, please stay the good, kind, gentle, charming man we know you to be.  I fear where this storyline is going.

Daisy, hang in there, sweet girl.  Please don't make your conflicted insides harden your heart!  You are a sweet and kind soul, and I love ya for it.

Edith, please don't get desperate and settle.

Mary, I sense a bit of your granny's ways emerging in you...and I LOVE it!  I love your elegance combined with sass.

And precious Violet, who I feel I should address more formally as "Countess":  you are simply delightful.  I love the volumes and volumes of words that your looks can convey.  Stuffy has never been such a joy for me to watch.  Your simple question in Season 2, "What is a weekEND?" rings through my mind and makes me grin frequently.  And mistaking your son for a waiter?  A lovely moment.

And, not to be forgotten, the costume designers and hair stylists...you deserve all sorts of gold stars and perhaps even some golden statues for your work.  Beautiful, beautiful, and completely transporting.

So, with all the Downton love in my heart, I ask,

Have you done something jolly with your hair???

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