Friday, May 6, 2011

You Can Call Me Daisy and Other Nonsense

Remember on "Bewitched" when Samantha would wiggle her nose and the captivating "dingle-dingle-dink" sound effect would signal an amazing transformation was about to poof! right before us?  I think I somehow "dingle-dingle-dinked" on accident on Sunday evening and my week poofed! its way by in warp speed.

That was my ridiculously long way of saying this week flew by.

That sweet sun is trying so hard to emerge and stay emerged.  It's trying.  You can do it, sun!  Don't give up trying!!  In the meantime, I was caught outside at recess more than once when the rain began.  That slow drizzle that makes you wait a bit to see if it's going to fade or get stronger.  Today it was the latter.  I very rarely carry an umbrella.  I don't much believe in them.  I'm a native Washingtonian.  Proud to be.  And I also have a very thick head of hair, which means that it takes quite a rain for me to actually feel it on my scalp.  While I was waiting in the rain for some sllooooooowwww poke kids to make their way inside, a coworker was waving at me, telling me to hurry in out of the rain.  I told her that I was okay, and that the rain hadn't even made its way through my hair yet.  I showed her how dry I was underneath the top layer, and she said, "You're just like a duck!!"  That quacked me up.  I hope I'm cute like Daisy.  With pants on.

And I'm now full in to my taper for this run coming up oh-so-soon.  I have mixed feelings about the taper.  It's very counter intuitive for someone who over thinks things in a crazy way.  I'm afraid I'm losing conditioning by backing off on my mileage.  But I'm also oh-so-grateful to be backing off on the mileage.  My angry knee is oh-so-grateful.  I'm just choosing to trust the process, for it's a process designed by real runners who know a heck of a lot more about running than I do.

The best thing about the taper??  It's officially time to carbo load!  And I'm fascinated by this.  I'm a bit disappointed that I can't find a single source that endorses chocolate chip cookies, cake, muffins, pizza, and giant helpings of fettuccine Alfredo out of a Styrofoam take-out container (Michael Scott reference) as valid carbo for loading.  But I love the whole explanation of glycogen storage and how that is the fuel I will be burning, and the more I store the less likely my body will shift into fat burning (hitting the wall), although I have assuredly maintained an adequate level of fat storage just in case my body needs it.  Hey, I may have a malfunctioning fat pad on my foot, but I've got plenty stored up elsewhere to spare.  I like to be prepared.

I have been full of conflicted emotions this last week regarding a certain prominent political issue.  I'm sad that some young people, whose reference to other certain events are only what they've read, take the liberty to say such strong things, thinking they are wise beyond their years and have all the information they need to make very strong judgements on others.  I'm sad that facebook became rampant with politically charged statements, from both sides.  I'm sad that I see a lot of Christians thinking they can't have impassioned beliefs about something because they think it collides with their faith.  I'm sad that they think anger and strong feelings are inconsistent with the God of this universe.  I'm sad that some people take very passive approaches, thinking this is superior.  I'm sad that there is some intolerance of how different people need to respond differently to the same information.  Not just in this situation, but in general.  I'm pretty sick of so much judgement and divisiveness.  I'm sick of hearing people called "idiots" just because they have different beliefs.  There.  I'm all done.  Almost.  If you are reading this, I'm probably not talking about you.  This is very general.  If your heart is beating wildly and you want to pick a fight with someone over what I've just said, maybe I am talking about you.  Now I'm done.

The next 10 days are jam-packed.  Then schedules shift, many music commitments come to an abrupt halt, and the countdown to school ending will begin.  And I've got some cooking to do to get ready for tomorrow morning.  So I better get myself quacking to it!


  1. I love everything in here. I'm with you on it all! Maybe not on the actual running part but in spirit, and you are going to be amazing, I can't wait for you to cross that finish line!

    Oh, and your 'wet' hair? Use an umbrella, hat something even if you like the rain or not. Rain on hairsprayed 'done' hair are two things that do not go together no matter how much hair you have.

    Ok, all done!

  2. Love you, Love you, Love you. Agree with everything you said with passion.
    My son is doing the marathon so I might see you there at the finish line.

    Love you