Monday, May 30, 2011

Three In One

So much catching up to do...Have I been a slacker?  As I look through all that I wanted to get on here, I feel like I've been a slacker.  So let me get on with it...three posts in one.

Post #1:
First of all, Brenna just finished her short, two week track program.  Only two weeks as a result of continually shrinking budgets.  But the two weeks seemed like two months thanks to the outrageous construction delays that made the trip home last 25 minutes most nights.  A trip that should be no more than 7 minutes.  I literally take a deep breath and sigh when I start thinking about that, so let's move on.

Brenna leaping into the long jump.  Or coming out with her hands up?

Coming into the finish of the 400.

Chasing down the other relay teams.

Crossing the finish line in the 4x100 relay.  She almost caught her!

Post #2:
The next day, Brad and Alex left for two nights in Seaside, Oregon.  It was the annual varsity band trip, at which they play for a few minutes on the boardwalk and then just had fun.  Brad went as a chaperone, which meant he had a king-sized bed to himself with a great ocean view, did a ton of walking around Seaside, accompanied some kids to rent a bicycle for four, watched Inception with a group of 15 kids, and passed back a plastic bag on the drive home to a kid who experienced the joy of bus-sickness.

I so wish I had taken a picture of Alex's suitcase.  He packed himself.  On one side, he had his clothes "stacked" (crammed), and on the other side, he had neatly arranged the quesadilla maker, a pack of 40 tortillas, and two packages of Costco muffins.  The bus stops at Safeway as soon as they roll into town, and the kids that are in rooms together pool their money and buy their groceries for the weekend.  Brad said it was hilarious watching them all work it out.  Alex was a quesadilla making machine for the weekend, with his specialty being onion, green pepper, cheese and sliced hot dogs.  He threw some scrambled eggs in for the morning meal and called it a breakfast quesadilla.

The Safeway survived.

Breakfast at Pig-N-Pancake ~ A MUST!

A little music to call it a music trip.

Five on a bicycle built for four.

Ice cream at The Candy Man, of course.


Walkin' on the beach.

Bonfire, complete with roasted marshmallows.


Post #3:
Meanwhile, back at home, we had a girls' weekend.  Which basically translates to shopping.  It was a sweet time with my sweet girls.  Shopping is not my idea of relaxation, but boy do they love it.  So off we went.  A few times....

Our weekend started with the girls making cookies together while mom ran.  Running to the smell of baking chocolate chip cookies?  Sweet.

Friday night shopping was a perfect illustration of my girls personalities.  Brenna picked out a girlie pair of sandals, and Beth picked out this purple sock monkey.  Just when I think she is getting too big, she falls in love with a stuffy that makes her still my baby girl.

And then shopping on Saturday:  Brenna picked out a ruffled tank top to go with her girlie sandals (no pictures, but she's darling), and Beth got these snazzy new Vans that she has been saving her money for!

Best of all, everyone was back home with still a day of the weekend to enjoy.  It's so much better when all my chicks are in the nest...and the rooster too! 

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  1. The description of Alex and the quesadilla scene made me laugh out loud! So funny, and the picture in my mind of 4 boys figuring out a grocery list just tickles me! Love it that you girls had a weekend together. I bet the volume in the house went up a notch or two when the guys got back home!