Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Running Boys

It's such a long story...someone that works out at the Y had registered for this run but couldn't do it.  He asked Alex this week if he wanted to run it for him.  Alex did, they transferred the registration.  While Brad was at the Y this week, he was given a hard time (in fun, but persistent) about not doing this run.  So he decided, last night, why not?  He would run this 8K with his son.  Or I should say behind his son.

I slightly considered running this also...very slightly.  I'm so glad I didn't.  Instead, I showed up as photographer.  I cheered them on at the start, snapped a couple pictures, then went for a lovely walk through downtown Olympia, "just happening" upon a Starbucks.  Coffee in hand, I made it back to the finish line with about 5 minutes to enjoy the last of my coffee before Alex made it across the finish line.  I got the long end of the stick at this run, for sure.

Blurry shot of my boys at the start, as I was slowly backing my way towards the smell of coffee.

Alex pulled away from Brad about 1/15th of a K in.

And there goes Brad, 6 days after the half.  Crazy.

Alex finished his 8K with a time of 37 minutes.  In the registration swap, he was registered as an untimed runner.  Bummer.  Still official in my book, Alex!

Brad finished in 41 minutes.  Yeah Brad!

And I did my little 4.25 run when we got home.  Eek.  I felt great for the first little bit, and then my body started reading me the riot act and lecturing me to no end.  Did not feel good at all.  I'm hoping very soon it will feel better again.  In the meantime, the boys can run for times...they do it so well!!

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  1. STOPPPPPP, you people are mad for the pavement!!!! Boy, it gets in the blood and it just can't be stopped!

    Love it, and way to go ONE MORE TIME!!