Thursday, May 19, 2011

A List of Ten

Here we go back into some randomness that I feel like I need to get out of my head.

1.  If you need a quick, easy, and yummy dinner, head over to Costco and pick up their Asian salad kit.  Grab a rotisserie chicken, too.  Cut up a bunch of that chicken into thick bite-sized hunks and toss all the salad together with the chicken (I add extra slivered almonds too).  Butter up some french rolls and lightly broil them.  Oh, such a yummy dinner.  My kids loooooove this, so much that we have no left-overs for lunch the next day.  That's about the only negative I could possibly come up with about this salad.  If you love the Love Salad at Happy Teriyaki, you will really LOVE this salad.

2.  Brad went to a very heart-breaking memorial service yesterday.  Four kids, including a miracle newborn, are without a momma.  No making any sense of that one.  Lord, give the comfort and provision only you can give.

3.  There is a SHAG commercial on that makes us laugh so hard.  In the commercial, they are highlighting all the amenities that this senior housing offers.  Among the amenities is an internet cafe.  The host of the commercial introduces us to a gal who especially loves the internet cafe, because she use to be a computer programmer.  In the background, you can see she is sending an email.  And the gal next to her is playing solitaire.  If that doesn't sell a person on moving in, I don't know what will.

4.  My son was assassinated in his AP assassination game, and it essentially was all my fault because I was at Costco when he came home, forcing him to try to find a way into the house that didn't involve the front door where he would be an easy target.  He was unsuccessful in breaking into the back of the house before being cornered and blasted with a nerf bullet.  All things, even a failed evasion of a nerf bullet, can be taken back far enough to be a mother's fault.  But actually, since he is the biggest consumer of food in the house, I suppose I could make an argument that his food consumption caused the need for the Costco trip, which caused me to be gone, which would mean it's his fault????  Nah.  I'm sure it's still somehow my fault.  He's already planning a better strategy for next year.

5.  I'm losing my patience with construction.

6.  Recovering from the big run on Sunday has brought things I didn't know it would bring.  It's very much like having a baby.  Things happen after having a baby that you didn't know would happen.  So you mention it to a girlfriend, and she says, "Oh, yep.  That's totally normal.  Everyone has that."  But nobody warns you.  Much the same with this run recovery.  Brad and I went out in the beautiful sun and "ran" just 3 miles yesterday.  I felt like an old lady, and I had to walk some chunks of it when my calves screamed at me, but it felt good to get some blood back into those leg muscles.

7.  I made cinnamon rolls last weekend that I think have changed my life.

8.  23 more days waking up for school.

9.  My baby girl has her daddy's swimming gene.  We'll see what she does with it, but right now she is doing amazing things with it.  It's a pretty wonderful thing to watch.

10.  On Tuesday, the thermometer in my van showed an outside temperature of 64 degrees.  I turned on the AC and fanned myself.  I think I have some acclimating to do.

That's all for now.

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  1. I'm commenting on your #8- Your mom use to always tell me 3 more wake ups, 2 more wake ups...Which I think she got from Grandma Bryan and then passed to my mom. That saying is such a part of me that I say it all the time too! When I say it to my friends they always laugh and ask, "Why don't you just say 2 more days?" Because it's funner to say wake ups! =0)