Monday, May 23, 2011

Multitudes on Monday ~ Transitions

Transitions...I don't ever look very forward to going through them.  Even when it's a good thing to transition to, I most always go through an adjustment time (perhaps why it's called a transition???  Ahem.).  But before I even recognize that I'm edging up to a transition, I get a little restless inside, I feel like something is a bit off, and I feel even a little anxious.  Even when it's good.  I'm finally starting to recognize those feelings.  I'm starting to stop myself sooner in the process and think through what's approaching.  Over the last couple weeks I've felt the approach of a transition, and I realized it is simply the beginning of the end of the school year, the approach of summer.  This transition is always bittersweet.  I love shedding off some of the responsibility, I love the looser schedules, I love the gentler pace with my kids.  The only "bitter" part of that is I have to admit that my kids are rolling up to a new grade, a year older.  It's just going so fast.  We got the first letter from a college a couple weeks ago for Alex.  "Dear Alex," it began.  Dear is right, and the realization of how quickly that time is approaching is outrageous.  And yet so exciting.  All this crazy busy in our lives is exactly what I've longed for, without really knowing what I was asking for.  I have healthy, active, engaged kids, and they make transitions fun/tough, happy/sad, exciting/scary.  And ALL of it, the good and the tough, is such a gift...

371.  not being able to finish a thought because someone needs to talk.
372.  just enough time in between activities to make dinner
373.  pre-planned dinners that go smoothly
374.  not being able to form a coherent sentence on this blog post because my son has so much to say.  love hearing his commentary!
375.  after comings and goings, having all three home at night
376.  trying to give a stern mom talk and having one be so witty it is impossible to take things out of perspective.
377.  an awareness of time, so it can be savored
378.  an awareness of lasts, so they can be appreciated
379.  a genuine smile given, one you can feel in your deepest place
380.  a genuine smile from someone else, one that reaches their eyes
381.  goals accomplished
382.  new goals being pondered
383.  classes that are survived
384.  genuine compliments
385.  an opportunity for my kids to cheer for me
386.  their joyful, supportive faces just when I needed to see them
387.  finish lines
388.  rhododendrons bursting with color ~ finally!
389.  lilac blooms

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  1. ok, this whole thing about Dear Alex from a college? No, no, noooooo too early, too much, too quick, I think you need to throw that first letter away and ignore. To think our kids will be out of our nest in a couple years is not something I want to think about....when reading this I thought, "well, you could be like my grandma was with my Mom and move with her to college" isn't that funny?
    love, Marlece