Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Very Special Delivery

Yesterday I received a very special delivery.  I do believe it is the very best thing that the Fed-Ex man has ever delivered to my door.  Love.  In.  A.  Box. 

Let me set the stage, if I might.

It was the morning of my 41st birthday.  Welcome, 41.  We're going to be good together.  I slept crummy the night before, my heart heavy with the heaviness of my child's heart.  So I started my day feeling very drowsy.  Once the kids were all off to school, I took a brief nap before I started getting ready for work.  Not nearly enough, but I was thankful for the time I did get.  I got some laundry going.  I baked a batch of mini banana muffins to freeze for school lunches.  I got dinner for the evening done so all we had to do was heat-n-eat before we headed out to the football game in the evening.  Way more productive than I prefer to be on my birthday, but that's the way life rolls sometimes.  And I really considered my weekend away with Brad enough celebration to carry me through a birthday, so it was all good.  I then took a quick shower to get ready for work and came out of my room just in time to hear the doorbell ring...

For the last few months, the only deliveries via the Fed Ex or UPS men have been either cheer uniforms or computer pieces of some sort.  To my utter delight, this box was PINK!! I immediately spotted the words "Georgetown Cupcake" on the side.  Nuh-uh!!  No way!!  I spun it around and checked the shipping label, and, sure enough, this was truly from Georgetown Cupcake!! 

this is the shipping box ~ isn't it pretty?!

Are you with me?  There is a show on TLC called "DC Cupcakes".  If there is ever a show on with the word cupcake in it, I watch it.  I devour it.  So when my sweet friend moved to DC, I gave her some time to catch her breath and then asked if she had been to the cupcake shop the show is based on.  Yes, she has.  Yes, she loved it.  Yes, I was drooling a bit as she described it.

So, now you must be with me.  She, together with her parents, had these cupcakes shipped to me for my birthday!  I really cannot describe the joy this has brought to my heart, my mouth, and my tummy.  I was all alone when the box arrived, and it was so beautiful and special to me that I actually took a picture of each stage of the opening.  Now you get to share my joy.

after opening the shipping box, a tightly wrapped insulating bag

then the sweet card. "To you who is as sweet as her tooth" made me smile...

then, opening the insulated bag, there are these two iced gel packs

then, the inner box, tied with a bow

And then, the center of the package reveals the core of the beauty.  One of the most beautiful sights to behold:

may I introduce to you to (from top row, left to right) the chocolate with chocolate ganache, the coconut, the key lime, the chocolate mint, the peanut butter chocolate, the salted caramel, and the precious additional chocolate peanut butter

As of this writing, I have eaten two of the chocolate peanut butter.  They are divine.  It is a rich chocolate cupcake with smooth and creamy peanut butter frosting, and then when you bite into it you find a most delicious chocolate goo of some kind that just completely sent me over the edge.  In a good way, of course.  The caramel is so good.  So rich that the roof of my mouth felt that sugar-rush burn that I'm so fond of.  I only ate a couple bites of that and forced Brad to finish it.  Poor guy.  The rest are soon to be sampled.  One daughter is a little downcast that I refuse to share the last chocolate peanut butter.  She thinks I'm kidding.  I'm not.

I can't wait to watch this show soon and see some more of the behind the scenes of where my cupcakes came from.  I love them.  They love me.  A perfect way to celebrate 41!

Hope you got a little joy from my joy.  If you ever swing into DC, make a point of getting yourself a fabulous cupcake.  (This is a perfect place to insert a political statement.  I'm choosing not to.  Just wanted you to appreciate my restraint.)

Have a sweet Saturday...


  1. oh boy! I wish when I stopped by yesterday these were what were sitting at the door I might have been tempted to share without your permission. Gorgeous, and looked soooooo good. Was it as good as it looked? Especially with the distance and time in getting here? Happy Birthday friend!

  2. wow....chocolate peanut butter looks so delicious!!!!It's been an absolute pleasure to visit your blog.I would like to make these tonight!Thanks for sharing.
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