Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Vente is muy bueno, mi mano!

I have no idea if that is anywhere near proper English.  Or Spanish.  Here's how this started:

Out of the clear blue, I had an absolute epiphany!  It has always bothered me that when you order at Starbucks, a "tall" is a small, a "grande" (which to me means very big) is a medium, and a "venti" is a large.  Too much to keep straight!  Until it occurred to me that vente is 20 in Spanish, so venti must be 20 in Italian, which then is easy to assume a venti is a 20-ounce drink!  Ta-da!!!  I was so thrilled with myself when I figured that out.  And Brad just shook his head and tried to act happy for me.  I had to go away to a quiet beach to figure that out.

So, here's where the randomness begins to make sense.  Today is our 20th wedding anniversary!  TWENTY!  I cannot believe 20 years has gone by since I stood in that church and pledged my life-long devotion to this man.  I meant every word I said that day, and  I've done my best to live them out.

Brad, you know I'm crazy about you.  I love you so deeply, and I like you so much.  We know each other so much better than we did when we married, and I still like you.  I'd still choose you.  You are still my favorite person to be with.  My best friend.  You make me laugh like no one else.  You laugh at with me more than anyone else.  You protect me.  You calm me.  You support me.  You encourage me.  You challenge me.  You have held me through some deep trials, and you've led me well.  Your love is such a gift to me.  It is proof that our God restores, redeems, and provides.  You make me proud.

Twenty years have already gone by.  It's already going too fast.  I'm so thankful we have so many more ahead of us.  I will always choose to love you.  Thank you for loving me, thank you for choosing me, and thank you for the absolute assurance that we are forever.

I've said it before, but this is a good time to repeat it:  I will love you as long as we both shall live...and then forever.


  1. Ahhhhhh! Congratulations Leanne and Brad! You both look gorgeous and handsome! Praise God for his work in you and through you!


  2. you are sugar sweet and i love you for it!

  3. My sweet, sweet Leanne! I've been thinking about you so much and just wanted to leave you a comment. I had a big long story written for you but it wouldn't post.

    It's mind-boggling that it has been 20 years already. You coninue to make my heart pitter-pat and fulfill my dreams. I am still the luckiest man alive!


  4. I have a question, what were you trying to say in Spanish. cause that says, 20 is very good, my hand