Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Picture of Hope

Most evenings when I'm getting dinner ready, this is my view from the kitchen:

This dog is 7 years old.  He's an old, wise 7-year old.  He was taken straight from his mother into our home.  He knows me pretty well.  He knows I'm not big into sharing.  (With a dog, anyway.)  It's few and far between when this old dog gets people-food from the kitchen.  Occasionally he'll be invited in to "vacuum" the kitchen floor when I make a mess.  It's certainly not a daily event.  But this dog clings daily to the hope.  The hope of dropped food.  The hope of an invitation to partake of even a morsel of people-food.  He makes those eyes look so innocent, so unaware of my ways, so pleading, so sweet, so hopeful.  Sometimes it even works, because...well, just look at those hopeful eyes.

So yesterday I took this picture of him when he showed me those hopeful eyes.  I rewarded those hopeful eyes with a blinding flash, that made him do this:

But he stayed there anyway.  That sweet boy just may have hit the sweet spot of my heart and he just may have been tossed a hunk of chicken.  And you know what that means:  it means that tonight hope will continue to spring eternal, and it means I will have this same view when I make dinner.

He is a knucklehead.  He sheds too much.  He stinks too often.  But I do love him.  And I love his illustration of hope.


  1. Ohhhhhhh, I think I would cave and give the sad looking face whatever he wanted in the kitchen. He is so precious.......

  2. Oh, What would we do without our faithful friends.
    He is so cute.