Sunday, May 16, 2010

Inspiring Women

Today I had the awesome pleasure of being inspired by some pretty tough women!  Today was the Capitol City Marathon, and way back in January when I was set free from the boot, I had decided I would train for the half marathon and run today's event.  Ha!  Total proof that absence from running makes the heart & mind crazy!  I was in for a rude awakening when I realized that 1. I could not push myself that hard without hurting my foot all over again, and B. Once I labored through a 3-mile run I thought I was crazy for ever considering 13.1!!  Now that I'm running 5 miles at a time, at a slower pace and thoroughly enjoying it, I've begun to think again about the elusive "half".  And I've been listening to running stories from friends who were preparing for today.  And getting more and more intrigued.  And, most of all, bursting with admiration for all the work they have been putting in to prepare.  (Except for one man I know who "hasn't ran more than 6 miles in over 6 months" and still went out and beat his time from last year!!  That's why this title is "Inspiring Women".)

So today was the day to stand alongside the course and cheer on some friends!  I was right before the finish line, and saw some very inspiring runners...too many to recount.  The one I will remember all year is a sweet gal whose friends were standing right next to me.  They called out her name and waved, she looked over and BURST into tears, covering her face as she finished.  I got all teary-eyed, too.  I can imagine that being me.  I'd be crying for a multitude of reasons if I was finishing up over 13 miles.

But here are some of the most inspiring to me:

the beautiful Laura...

the amazing Marlece!

this picture cracked me up...before she realized it was me, she was looking at this crazy lady wildly waving one hand and trying to take pictures with the other!

Marlece and need to run together!  You finished so closely to each other, you are both moms of four... you would make a great team!!

Jen, with a smile, running towards the finish.  A SMILE, Jen?!

I think this is my favorite picture of the day!  Jen, with her arms raised, crossing the finish line!

I missed so many others, who ran by in a blur before I realized it was someone I should take a picture of.  But each one left me feeling so proud!  Big, big congrats to everyone who ran!  And I just may see ya out there next year!

Put your aching feet up and rest those muscles!!


  1. thanks for being there, you my dear were the inspiration! And you bet, we'll see you out there next year, yahoooo!

  2. Of course you'll be there next year and someone will be taking YOUR picture!