Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Music and Love Than My Heart Can Hold

Well, the last few days in the Carlson world can be summed up with two words:  music and love.  Okay, three words if you count the "and".

Alex left early Friday morning for Yakima.  He sent me a text at 10:00 in the morning saying that they were at Taco Bell having lunch.  Taco Bell at 10:00 in the morning?  Be still, my stomach acid.  Ah, youth.

Knowing that our Valentine's Day was going to be a busy day, I decided to surprise Brad on Friday night with an early Valentine date.  I got rid of provided an opportunity for the girls, sending them to spend the night with grandparents.  When Brad came home from work, there were no kids to be seen or heard!  We went to see the movie "Valentine's Day", and had a great time.  The movie was okay, not great.  I do believe we were the oldest people at that movie.  And a baby jabbered the whole time, complete with the mother saying "Ssshhhhhh...." over and over to the baby.  Yeah, that helps a lot.  Add to that a huge group of young teens that squealed every time some young actor was on the screen, and we felt a bit out of place.  But, we still had ourselves some fabulous popcorn mixed with peanut M&M's and had a great time just being together.  Yada-yada-yada.  And yada.

Jumping ahead to Valentine's Day, we traveled over to Yakima and then on a little further to meet my new little niece.  Doggone it if she is not her mother all over again!  It was a huge flashback for me, and I loved every second of holding her.

I shared her only very briefly with Brenna.  I couldn't help myself.

These two were not still long enough to grab any great pictures, but we had so much fun being entertained by them:

Connor lovin' on Brenna.

Hunter cautiously lovin' on Beth.

We then went back to Yakima to our hotel, and Alex came to our room for a bit to watch the Olympics.  It was so good to see that tired boy.  As I reached for the remote control he said, "Wait, Mom...don't use that!"  I asked why, and he informed me that if you used the remote control your room would be charged $15.00.  Huh?!  He quickly pointed out this sign that was posted beside the t.v. as proof.

I asked if they were at all concerned that he might be charged $100.00 for using the comforter on the bed, too.  Then I had to explain that it was if you took that remote control home, not if you used it.  A room of four teenage boys, one who misread the sign, and not one of the other three thought that was a bit odd.  For the entire time they had been there, they had been manually turning channels on the t.v. for fear of that $15 charge!  At least they were conscientious, and at least I know my big boy is not done needing his mom.

These kids missed being together, too.  Although not overly expressive about it, I think the fact that they all ended up here made it a bit obvious:

After I took these, Brenna took the camera to get one of me and Brad.  That "one" turned into many, many pictures.  The girls took turns, and they would hold the camera still for a sweet forever before they took the picture. 

We were laughing so much at the agony of holding the pose long enough for that little finger to finally push the button. 

But at least I got a long kiss out of the deal!

So Monday morning, yada-yada-yada we missed the hotel breakfast, leaving us to have a very cultural experience at the local I-HOP.  The girls were thrilled with their Rooty Tooty Fresh N Fruity Junior.  Or whatever.  Just saying it made them happy.  I'm glad we left with very full bellies, because then it was off to the concert.

Alex did a great job, of course.  Not that I could hear just him.  But I'm sure he did a great job.  It was a looooong concert.  Three hours.  It was some great music.  Lots and lots of great music.  Except for that poor French Horn accompanying the choir...but that's another story.

Alex really loved this conductor, Dr. Gerald King from the University of Victoria.  He loved playing for him and learned a lot.  And he loves that guys hair...says it's the perfect "conductor's hair".

Traveling home last night was a fun time.  Alex was so exhausted it was hard to get the stories out, but he did have some great ones to share.  We grabbed some burgers to eat while we drove.  The kids watched "Elf", laughing at all the same spots we've laughed at countless times.  That's the fun way to travel.

So it was a great weekend.  We were all exhausted when we got home last night, Alex especially.  It was tough to get up for school this morning, and we are thankful for a 4-day week!

No bassoon for a few days.  The mouth needs a rest.  The fingers need a rest.  The brain needs a rest.  He certainly has earned a break!

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  1. Oh that story about the remote control had me laughing hard!

    GOOD JOB ALEX! I am sure that you did great!