Friday, February 19, 2010

Bojo Mojo's, Anyone?

My two girls make life so much fun!  I love their creative minds and the unique ways they can find to have fun. 

One recent afternoon, they had been giggling together for quite awhile, hidden out in one of their bedrooms.  When I walked up to the bedroom door to check in with them, I found this sign taped to the door:

It just made me laugh.  Especially the "Come large, leave skinny" tag line.  And apparently they have other plans during the lunch rush, because they are only planning on serving breakfast and dinner.  And I hope you like pizza for breakfast.  Cuz apparently that's the special!

On a totally different and equally random note, Beth has been saving her money for awhile, combining both birthday and Christmas gifts.  It's all she can do to save money for very long.  She had been thinking long and hard about what she wanted to buy, and decided she "needed" a cover for her plush body pillow.  Preferably in an animal print.  Then we were walking through Target, and a light from heaven sent a focused beam right onto a bedding set.  We had her wait a few days to be sure it was really what she wanted, and her desire did not waiver one bit.  So she is the proud owner of a very Beth-ish bedding set.  Fortunately the one she loved matched her room (for the most part) so I'm out of painting duty.  And the same day, we found this fabulously furry giraffe-print body pillow cover.  The ultimate, I tell you.


  1. I've seen that comforter set. I love it! Great job Bethie!

  2. There's nothing better than sleeping in new bedding!

  3. I've seen that too. Its fabulous!