Friday, February 12, 2010

I Couldn't Be More Proud...

This son of mine can sure make a mama proud.  The reasons could fill up multiple posts, for they are numerous.  He's a great brother to two sisters who love him very much - most days.  Because just "getting it" academically comes very easily to him, he's had to learn how to work hard in school as he continues to be more challenged.  He's done that beautifully, ending this semester with 5 "A"s and 1 "A-".  He's very goal focused in regards to his future.  He has a very teachable heart.  He's a very talented musician.  He loves the Lord.  He has a great sense of humor.  He's very kind.  He is a gentleman to his mom and sisters.  I could go on and on and on.

But last night he did something that just made my cup runneth over.  As I made my way slowly down I-5, he called and asked if he could make a batch of cookies to take with him on his big trip today.  I had intended to make them, cuz that's sort of what I do.  But he really wanted to, and since I knew they would be inhaled by a busload of teenagers before the bus even crossed the county line, I figured he may as well knock himself out and give it a try.

I came home to find this:

And can I just say that these cookies are spectacular?  He has it.  Whatever the it is that allows one to produce these glorious little rounds of wonder, it is in him.  And I couldn't be more proud of him.  I think his future is very bright.  I think my future just got a bit brighter too!  I can hear it now...the hum of the Kitchen Aid mixer in the kitchen, the gentle melody from the timer announcing the wonders are ready to behold, followed by the words, "Mom, I made you some cookies..."  How much can this heart of mine hold????  I love him.

On another note:  he has officially departed for his All-State experience in Yakima.  Here is the luggage he's hauling over there. 

Any guesses on which of these three things weighs the most??  The backpack.  Not even close.  And the contents of the backpack?  Food.  Just food.  And meals are provided.  This is just "extra".

I have to end on this picture.  Please note the careful arrangement of the cookies on the cooling rack.  Two rows of 5, two rows of 4, two rows of 3, (one cut off in the picture.).  Is this a glimpse of his methodical mind, or what?!  Like I said, I love him.


  1. Well, there goes are theory about good cooks being born out of necessity! The boys and I will be attempting cupcakes tomorrow. What keeps me going are the cute pictures I get out of it!

  2. GO ALEX! The cookies look really yummy! Hope you have fun at All State!