Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tenacity & Determination

Beth discovered yesterday that a tooth was beginning to show signs of looseness.  Not loose, mind you.  Just giving a glimmer of being loose.  Now, just 24 hours later, it's just hanging on by one piece of a stubborn root.  This kid does not wiggle her teeth, she removes them.  One thing about Beth, she is a very persistent kid.  She has a tenacity that has served her very well in some areas and driven me to the brink in others.

Today, as soon as she was home from school, she went to work on that tooth.  About 15 minutes later, she came out of the bathroom a bit frustrated that it wasn't out yet and saying that her tummy was starting to hurt from swallowing blood.  Deterred?  Nope.  Just needing a snack to settle her tummy.  Half a pear later, she got right back to it.

I went down the hall shortly after she returned to her bathroom to find this:

She certainly was putting her whole self into it!  Trying to get the best visual angle to see exactly where to pull, and trying to get the best grip.  I imagine those frogs directly under her were a bit concerned at what might be happening.

Alas, she has finally decided that it's just not quite ready.  For now.  I'm sure she will try again after dinner.  And at bedtime.  And when she's in bed.  And as long as it takes to remove it.


  1. Maybe the light is better up there? What a great snapshot of your Elizabeth!

  2. I LOVED having loose teeth. Once they were begining to get loose I would start yanking away. Didnt stop till it came out!

  3. remember when Alex worked a tooth that was not ready to come out but he was DETERMINED and succeeded but bled TERRIBLE once it was out? This reminded me of that. I am sure she will have success very soon.