Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Birthday, Kaylee!

Today our family grew by one beautiful little girl! 

Welcome to the world little Kaylee Jean!

6 pounds, 11 oz. & 19.5 inches of cuteness!

(She has a pretty cool birthday, huh?  Think about it:  1-20-10.  Or 01-20-2010.  Just a cool look to it.  I'm a completely admitted weirdo with numbers.  I love numbers that some how make some sort of pattern or sense.  And these numbers just roll off your tongue pretty swiftly.  And just the simple fact that 10 is half of 20 makes all that make a cool date for me.)

Here's my prayer for little Miss Kaylee:

Lord, thank you for this sweet little package of promise that you have given to Ben and Stephanie.  Watch over and protect Kaylee.  Keep her body strong and her spirit gentle.  Weave into her a perfect combination of strength and gentleness.  I pray that she would be a peaceful and joyful presence in her home.  May she grow in the knowledge of her Creator every year of her life.  Give her a compassionate heart, a joyful temperament, and a love for people.  May she always know that she is deeply, deeply loved.  Help her be secure and confident.  And help her be a good sleeper!  You do all things well, God...thanks for doing such a great job making this sweet little girl.  Watch over her all the days of her life... amen, amen, amen!

Congratulations to Ben & Stephanie and big brothers Connor and Hunter!


  1. yum, this picture makes my mouth water......she is gorgeous!

  2. What a little sweetie...I just told our Kaylee about her...her grandma's middle name is Kay and my sister and dad's middle name is Lee and my mom and my middle name is huh? Twenty years apart and that name gets to go on!

  3. Oh those C-section babies come out looking so picture perfect! Congratulations to the whole family!