Monday, January 25, 2010

Guest Blogger: Brenna!

***Here's the introduction to this post:  while I was gone on Saturday, the big fallen tree was being cut and removed.  There was an unavoidable incident that resulted in a broken fence post as the tree was coming down.  Brad said, "Go have your mom take pictures, this will be a great blog post!"  Well, I wasn't even there, so Brenna grabbed the camera and took pictures.  So, it's only fitting that she write this post and explain from her perspective what this day was like.  That being said, please welcome my guest blogger, Brenna!***

You have probably heard of the big section of the tree that fell during the really strong wind.  Well on Saturday afternoon, my dad went out to cut it up and take it away.  Mr. Arend, came over to help him do this hard project.  Along with Mr. Arend, Thomas also came to help out hauling limbs.  This was a cold, very bright and sunny day and they worked very hard.  Hopefully they were wearing ear plugs because the sound of the chainsaw was piercing.  I loved the smell of the tree limb branches that came greeting me in the gentle wind.  But that soon ended when the chainsaw's loud noises and smokey smell interfered with the wonderful smell of the tree sap.  Here are some of the pictures showing our day:

Thomas was working hard hauling limbs.

 Alex's first time using the chainsaw!

This is where the tree limb fell.

Mr. Arend was throwing the branches into a pile.

Go Thomas!

This is the pile in the woods of tree branches and sticks.

Lots of saw dust!


Archie had a great time snacking on the little twigs!

Archie wanted to play instead of work!

Thats a big pile!

Goodbye Fruit tree!

The big project is all done!

That would pretty much sum up that project!  There was only a problem with the fence, the tip of a post fell off they just set it on the top of the post but my dad will have to replace the post.  They tried to save it!  Other than that it was a very successful project!  Good job Mr. Arend, Thomas, Alex and Daddy!


  1. Brenna - Nicely done! Great pictures and accurate descriptions of this fine day!

  2. Brenna- this is the teacher in me, but I have to tell you that you are a beautiful writer. I loved the line- "I loved the smell of the tree limb branches that came greeting me in the gentle wind."
    What a fun blog day! Thanks for being a guest blogger. Maybe one day you'll have your own that we can all enjoy!
    Leanne- Great idea about the towels. When I'm sick Ben will warm my towel in the dryer for me and I forgot all about that. I can't wait for the next bath time to try it. I'll warm up a hooded towel so I can enjoy it longer. =0)

  3. GO BRENNA! You are a great writter! Nicley done! And it looked like they worked really hard that day! I am so glad that you got to blog! How fun!

  4. Brenna-Good job on the post. I too love the smell of tree sap. Does that make us sappy? Hope not. Take care.

    Mrs. Joss