Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bird Poo on My Purse

I know what you are thinking with the title of this post.  You think it's some clever reference, something that will make sense only if you read through a long, thought-provoking story that will have some sort of subtle meaning.

Sorry to disappoint, but this is literally a post about bird poo on my purse.  It's a simple story.  I ran into Safeway for a few things, needing to hustle home and finish up my on-line, riveting training on discrimination and safety and stuff.  As I was walking quickly back to my car, something caught the corner of my vision, just enough to make me wonder what it was.  In the same instant, as I'm having the "I wonder what..." thought, I heard a "splat."  A seagull.  A big, well-fed seagull.  Dropped one right over the top of me.  I didn't get to ask him what his target was.  My head?  My white jacket?  My big, turquoise bag?  If it was the bag, he is an accurate bird.  Two big splats right on the side of that bag.  Yuck.

I'm just not a fan of bird poo on my purse.


  1. I am just praisin the Lord that it didn't not land in your hair.....purse? No problem!

  2. I remember once...I was really young because I think you were still in high school or right out of it. You were laying outside getting a sun tan and you weren't so lucky! =0)

  3. Thanks for the funny story....

  4. Well Leanne, maybe they thought it was a Honeybucket. I mean same color or close isn't it? Birds don't have good vision. Have a good day.